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    • Economics of hydrogen production and liquefaction by geothermal energy 

      Yilmaz, Ceyhun; Kanoglu, Mehmet; Bolatturk, Ali; Gadalla, Mohamed (2012-01)
      Seven models are considered for the production and liquefaction of hydrogen by geothermal energy. In these models, we use electrolysis and high-temperature steam electrolysis processes for hydrogen production, a binary ...
    • Geothermal Energy Use in Hydrogen Production 

      Kanoglu, Mehmet; Yilmaz, Ceyhun; Abusoglu, Aysegul (Yildiz Technical University, 2016-04)
      We propose the use of geothermal energy for hydrogen production and liquefaction, and investigate six possible models for accomplishing such a task. The models are studied thermodynamically in order to assess their performance ...
    • Thermodynamic analysis of models used in hydrogen production by geothermal energy 

      Kanoglu, Mehmet; Bolatturk, Ali; Yilmaz, Ceyhun (2010-08)
      Four models are developed for the use of geothermal energy for hydrogen production. These include using geothermal work output as the work input for an electrolysis process (Case 1); using part of geothermal heat to produce ...