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    • Advanced Engineering Building at AUS 

      Alshaer, Ahmed; Ka’ki, Ahmad; Maarouf, Bilal; Dialani, Kunal (2014-07-22)
      The AUS engineering buildings lack the needed interactive technology systems. These buildings consume huge amounts of non-renewable energy. Classes can hardly accommodate the present number of students. The number of ...
    • Advanced Polymer Composite for Radioactive Waste Containment 

      Shadab, Mohammad; Khalaf, Rania; Al-Samaraie, Faisal; Pinto, Sajith (2014-07-22)
      In 2009, the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (ENEC) was launched as a step into providing clean, safe and efficient nuclear energy in the UAE. As oil reserves decline, ENEC aims to satisfy about 25% of the energy demand ...
    • Automated Traffic-Dependent Movable Barriers 

      Abrahim, Mina; Daker, Said; Touqan, Karim (2014-07-22)
      Congestion on highways has become a serious problem in recent years. It is due to the increase in population and the increasing number of cars per household. There is one car for every two residents in the United Arab ...
    • Autonomous Waste-to-Energy Converter 

      Wadi, Ali; El-Chanati, Mahmoud; Ahmed, Mentalla; Shapsough, Shams (2014-07-22)
      4 trillion kilograms of waste are produced each year in eastern Europe and central Asia alone. The amount of waste produced is increasing exponentially. Waste is being dumped on residential grounds, in landfills and in the ...
    • Centralizing EMRs Using a Cloud Platform in the UAE 

      Qassab, Abdullah; Nabil, Noura; AbdelLatif, Khader; Laban, Anas; Massarweh, Abdullah (2014-07-22)
      EMRs is the coming of age tech that revolutionized data storage and access to make it more efficient and less costly. Current ways of storing EMRs is by setting up servers that can handle vast amounts of information. The ...
    • Charging On the Move 

      Siddique, Shafayet; Sadia, Afria; Karim, Anisul; Golder, Anindita (2014-07-22)
      Nowadays, most electronic devices are equipped with sub-standard batteries that are not long lasting. According to statistics, a battery for a mobile lasts for around 17 hours with lower than average use. This is very ...
    • Connecting the GCC Countries with the Maglev Train 

      Younis, Loai; Al Suhail, Ahmed; Sun, Lu; Ziai, Sophie (2014-07-22)
      The GCC tourism rate is growing rapidly every year however; the region is limited to air and vehicle travel making transportation costly. With Dubai winning the Expo 2020 bid and Qatar winning the World Cup 2022 bid, there ...
    • Desalination Using Deionization 

      Rahwan, George; Awad, Soliman; Elagab, Sali; Kaiache, Zakaria (2014-07-22)
      The largest source of the water in the world is the ocean. In 2025, 40% of the world will be living in water scarce regions. There is an obvious demand for water at all times. The dominating desalinization process are ...
    • Desalination Using Solar Ponds 

      Ali Khan, Murtaza; Rashid, Mohammed; Shaikh, Mohammad Usamah; Ahmed, Shoaib (2014-07-22)
      The growing demand of freshwater is placing huge pressure on existing supplies. Seawater is a vast source to satisfy this demand. However, seawater cannot be directly consumed and therefore, desalination of seawater is a ...
    • Energy Harvesting Bridges 

      Dawood, Abdullah; Joudeh, Hanna; Al Shamsi, Saeed; Taher, Abdulrahman (2014-07-22)
      Bridges that harvest energy by the cars' motion.
    • Finding a Solution For Recycling Wastes 

      Amer, Karim; Hamdan, Hassan; Charkaoui, Younis (2014-07-22)
      Over the past few years, there has been a remarkable growth in trash disposal all over the UAE, especially in Dubai, due to its huge demographic growth. Most of this trash is being disposed in large landfills in huge ...
    • Fueling on the Go 

      Serag, Mohamed; Diab, Mohamed; Said, Amr (2014-07-22)
      Congested petrol stations all around Dubai with infinite queues. Fuel and time wasted while waiting in the infinite queues. In addition, high cost of new petrol stations.
    • GCC Domestic Wastewater Treatment and Microbial Fuel Cells 

      Mostafa, Ramy; Aly, Omar; Mahmoud, Ibrahim; Al-Hourani, Mohammad (2014-07-22)
      Water resources are scarce across the gulf region, however water consumption is very high compared to other countries across the world. Also, waste-water production rate is increasing with the increasing water consumption ...
    • Harvesting Energy From Footsteps 

      Taha, Khalid; Batir, Fadi; Marei, Anas; Michika, Mohammed (2014-07-22)
      The UAE is currently undergoing industrialization which increases demand for energy and thus increases the usage of fossil fuels to cover this increasing demand for energy. Fossil fuels are limited and gradually depleting, ...
    • Improved Sewage Treatment 

      Bin Ghulaita, Maitha; Bukhammas, Hamad; Al Akkad, Dima; Shamaa, Mohamed (2014-07-22)
      The increasing population of recent decades and the development of industry has generated significant waste materials. Sewage is mainly a liquid waste containing some solids, produced by humans: feces, urine, laundry waste ...
    • Improving the Efficiency of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) 

      Abdulbari, Hanadi; Al-Ali, Humaid; Dahab, Mostafa; Yusuf Godil, Aysha (2014-07-22)
      Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) are robotic vehicles that function without direct human monitoring. Their main purpose is to collect data, record 3D maps of surrounding underwater environment and conduct survey ...
    • Integrating Wind Turbines in Skyscrapers 

      Al-Jabri, Yasmine; Youssef, Ahmad; Damen, Noor; Saghir, Zaid (2014-07-22)
      It is no secret that the world is suffering from an energy crisis as fossil fuels and natural resources are near depletion. Renewable source of energy have been receiving increased attention over recent years.
    • Light Emitting Concrete (LEC) 

      Mohammad, Fahad; Hannan, Hadia; Shaikh, Anza; Khan, Arham (2014-07-22)
      Currently, the world recognizes concrete as just a dull, grey building material. However, concrete has the potential to cater to different functions as well.
    • Piezoelectric Systems for Sheikh Zayed Road 

      Majbour, Maher; Hag Ali, Ibrahim; Sulthana, Reshma; Erar, Yaser (2014-07-22)
      UAE was ranked as 37 worldwide according to the amount of electricity consumption with an annual consumption of 70.58 billion KWh .The total cost of producing that amount of electricity has been estimated to be 11.33 billion ...
    • Power with Every Step 

      AlAssaf, Hadi; Farhan, Khalil; AlKhatib, Yazan (2014-07-22)
      Satisfying the needs for clean energy by utilizing human footsteps.