Work by the faculty and students of the Department of Arabic and Translation Studies

Recent Submissions

  • Verbal negation in the Lebanese dialect of Zeitoun, Keserwan 

    Khairallah, Natalie; Wilmsen, David (Institut de recherches et d’études sur les mondes arabes et musulmans (IREMAM), 2019)
    The dialect of Zeitoun village in the northern Keserwan district of Lebanon exhibits both the split-morpheme negators mā…š of the southern and highland Levant and the pre-verbal negator mā without the post-positive -š of ...
  • On Morpho-Syntactic Levantisms in Maltese 

    Wilmsen, David; Al-Sayyed, Amany (Institut de recherches et d’études sur les mondes arabes et musulmans (IREMAM), 2019)
    Maltese is usually classified as a North African Arabic variety. Yet some researchers have remarked “some curious similarities with the Eastern dialects”. Investigations of these tend to concentrate upon the phonology and ...
  • The Dehortative in the Spoken Arabics of the Eastern Mediterranean 

    Wilmsen, David (University of Bucharest, 2016)
    A few authors mention a hortative mood in Arabic, formed in a variety of manners, usually involving a pre-verbal element and an unmarked imperfective verb, sometimes thought of as the jussive or subjunctive. Not an imperative, ...
  • Croft’s cycle in Arabic: The negative existential cycle in a single language 

    Wilmsen, David (De Gruyter, 2020-05)
    The negative existential cycle has been shown to be operative in several language families. Here it is shown that it also operates within a single language. It happens that the existential fī that has been adduced as an ...
  • Grammaticalization and Degrammaticalization in an Arabic Existential Particle šay 

    Wilmsen, David (Polska Akademia Nauk (PAN), 2017-12)
    Against the usual assumption that Arabic grammatical operators based on reflexes of šay derive from the Arabic word for 'thing' šayʔ, it is argued here that indefinite quantifiers and partitives instead derive from an ...
  • Translation and the Quest for Meaning: Adūnīs and Yūsuf al-Khāl's Translation of T. S. Eliot's The Waste Land 

    Nsiri, Imed (Arabic Translators International, 2018-04)
    This article examines some Arabic translations of T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land with special reference to Adunis (͑Ali Ahmad Sa'id) and Yusuf al-Khal's al-Ard al-kharab (1958). Translation requires a close reading of an ...