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    • DEFC and Panicum Virgatum to Power the Future 

      Saad Bokhari, Syed; Tishat, Muhammad; Ajaz, Arsalan; Masud, Mahren; Umar, Muhammad (2014-01-19)
      Many rely on fossil fuels as a primary source of energy to satisfy everyday needs of transportation and electricity. Within 45 years we will be facing a shortage of current fossil fuels thus research is being carried out ...
    • Desalination Using Deionization 

      Rahwan, George; Awad, Soliman; Elagab, Sali; Kaiache, Zakaria (2014-07-22)
      The largest source of the water in the world is the ocean. In 2025, 40% of the world will be living in water scarce regions. There is an obvious demand for water at all times. The dominating desalinization process are ...
    • Desalination Using Solar Ponds 

      Ali Khan, Murtaza; Rashid, Mohammed; Shaikh, Mohammad Usamah; Ahmed, Shoaib (2014-07-22)
      The growing demand of freshwater is placing huge pressure on existing supplies. Seawater is a vast source to satisfy this demand. However, seawater cannot be directly consumed and therefore, desalination of seawater is a ...
    • Design and Construction of a Cross-Laminated Timber Skyscraper 

      Shaikh, Farhaaz; Al Yazji, Ahmed; Patel, Adil; AlShamsi, Noura (2016-11)
      Concrete and steel are currently the building materials in most skyscraper construction. Due to their negative impact on the environment, timber has been proposed as an alternative material.
    • Design of Airfoils for Wind Turbine Rotors 

      Alajmi, Jelowi; Alsayed, Tareq; Chakhachirou, Wasim; Alsayed, Yousef (2014-07-22)
      The turbine is a machine which converts rotational energy into usable work or usable energy. This change is initiated through mechanical gearing or because of electromagnetic induction, which results in electricity. There ...
    • Detecting and Fixing Pipeline Faults in a Non-Invasive Manner 

      Bitar, Samar; Al-Hamahmy, Dina; Kadavilakkandathil, Adnan Muhammed (2016-11)
      Pipes are usually fixed invasively, or even replaced completely which costs a lot of resources. Inspection of the pipelines and their repair can be automated with the help of autonomous robots and other machinery that aids ...
    • Developing an Integrated Water Management Infrastructure in Homes 

      Mustafa, Abdelrahman; Ramadan, Badria; Jijakli, Bayan (2016-11)
      As the world population is predicted to increase (see figure 1), the human consumption to sources of life; such as food and water, will increase. However; the freshwater withdrawals have tripled over the last 50 years and ...
    • Does the Answer to Water Security in the UAE Lie in Pakistan? 

      Kyaure, Muhammad; Elfarra, Abdalsattar; Alshamsi, Abdallah; Mohamed, Amgad; Al Mansouri, Hazeem (2016-11)
      Is importing water into the UAE a practical solution from technological, political and environmental perspectives?
    • Dubai Metro and Green Energy 

      Prem, Arun; Haddad, Issa; Gharaibeh, Basil; Babar, Daniyal (2015-02-01)
      With almost 149,000 daily riders, the Metro is used more frequently and with the proposed expansion, Metro should be modified to run on green energy that will benefit the city in terms of energy consumption and it’s vision ...
    • Dynamic Barrier System For Traffic Control 

      Adel, Moustafa; Mourad, Noura; Jalal, Jasam; Abdullah, Nihal; Shihab, Mohammad; Daud, Saeed Hussein (2015-02-01)
      The traffic issues of Dubai cost the city and its population millions in wasted time and fuel. Although major projects have been undertaken to ease traffic congestion in Dubai such as the Dubai Metro projected in 2009 and ...
    • Earthquake Resistant Building 

      Cheaito, Kamal; Saleh, Fady; Rowaizak, AbdelRahman; Jamal, Lama (2014-01-19)
      Thousands of innocent lives have been taken away due to seismic crashes and earthquakes. Besides human losses, a lot of money is spent on restructuring what has been collapsed and destroyed. Unfortunately, since most ...
    • Eco-Friendly Green Factory 

      Ali, Hessa; Ahmad, Maitha; Yousuf, Nadeem (2014-01-19)
      The main objective of this report is to come up with Eco-Friendly Green Factories using different solutions as the waste produced by factories is harming the environment in numerous ways; noise pollution, air pollution, ...
    • Electric Speedbreakers 

      Mohamed, Tajaldeen; Abdulhadi, Feras; Elrefaey, Omar; Moataz, Ahmed (2019-05)
      Our topic describes the utilization of mechanically modified speed breakers as alternative source for sustainable energy production. The main research question to be answered is "What are the benefits of generating power ...
    • Electricity Generating Speed Bumps 

      Lootah, Ali; Khamas, Rashed; Mouse, Marwa; El-Saleh, Rasha (2014-01-19)
      The reliance of the world on fossil fuels has been increasing at a very fast rate through the last few decades. Vehicles are built and used in nearly all the countries for easier transportation. To control the transportation ...
    • Embedded Intelligence in Urban Transportation Networks 

      Farid, Bavley; Shehata, Essam; Mouhtasseb, Jihad; El Sayed, Mohammed; Elkhorazaty, Youssef (2014-01-05)
      Since the cities of today must constantly evolve to meet the lifestyles of the people that inhabit it, the objective of this report is to examine possible ways of evolving the cities of today while reducing energy usage ...
    • Emotion Recognition Based on Fusion of Local Cortical Activations and Dynamic Functional Networks Connectivity: An EEG Study 

      Yahya, Fares; Tariq, Usman; Alex, Meera; Mir, Hasan; Al-Nashash, Hasan (IEEE Xplore Digital Library, 2019)
      In this paper, we present a method to improve emotion recognition based on the fusion of local cortical activations and dynamic functional network patterns. We estimate the cortical activations using power spectral density ...
    • Energy Efficient Houses in the Middle Eastern Region 

      El-Hag, Al-Baraa; Waleed, Danial; Mannan, Omar; Al-Madani, Osama (2015-02-01)
      The Middle East is a region which relies heavily on fossil fuels for energy, the disadvantages of this are well known. Furthermore, even if we were to move towards renewable energy sources there are underlying efficiency ...
    • Energy Harvesting Bridges 

      Dawood, Abdullah; Joudeh, Hanna; Al Shamsi, Saeed; Taher, Abdulrahman (2014-07-22)
      Bridges that harvest energy by the cars' motion.
    • Enhancing the Tsunami Alert System 

      Almarzooqi, Mariam; Alshehhi, Bashayer; Mansouri, Seyedeh Fatemah; Al-Alami, Abderrahmane (2016-11)
      The Circum-Pacific belt, is the zone of earthquakes surrounding the Pacific Ocean-about 90% of the world's earthquakes occur there [1]. The current tsunami alert system, DART 2, consists of a network of sensors underground ...
    • Feasibility of 3D Depth Camera in the Civil Engineering Field 

      Bastaki, Amira; Al-Saleh, Dareen; AlAwadhi, Mariam; Alalawi, Saeed; AlSamahi, Soughah (2016-11)
      In the civil engineering field, land surveying is the foundation of any construction process and has always been the method of choice for topographic mapping analysis. One of the latest technologies of 3D Depth Camera is ...