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    • Ideal Safe Building 

      Al-Shehhi, Khalid; Ali, Aisha; Badri, Khalid; Al Zaabi, Abdulaziz (2015-02-01)
      Natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, and excessive winds are increasing worldwide. Areas on the north coast of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) such as Ras alKhaimah and Fujairah, in addition to some parts ...
    • Implementation of the Hyperloop in the U.A.E. Eilin 

      Rachid, Eilin; Hamdan, Ahmad; Elias, Mina; Al Ajaji, Lama; Arafa, Taher (2016-11)
      The rapid increase in the UAE population has increased the need of transportation which results in Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions . Therefore, this may lead to devastating results if there was no transportation system that ...
    • Implemting the maglev train among the UAE, KSA and Qatar 

      Abou Tayoun, Khaled; Hussein, Rania; Al Hawi, Hessa (2014-01-19)
      Implementing a maglev train among the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia involves tackling engineering problems of various disciplines. Since our team consists of members with chemical, mechanical ...
    • Improved Sewage Treatment 

      Bin Ghulaita, Maitha; Bukhammas, Hamad; Al Akkad, Dima; Shamaa, Mohamed (2014-07-22)
      The increasing population of recent decades and the development of industry has generated significant waste materials. Sewage is mainly a liquid waste containing some solids, produced by humans: feces, urine, laundry waste ...
    • Improvements on Kidney Dialysis Treatment 

      Al-Johar, Heba; Khawaja, Dana; Ahmed, Alaa; Saab, Roba (2014-01-19)
      The percentage of people suffering from kidney related diseases is alarmingly increasing. The current treatment for such diseases is the kidney dialysis that is proven to be an impractical solution for the problem. Thus, ...
    • Improving the Efficiency of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) 

      Abdulbari, Hanadi; Al-Ali, Humaid; Dahab, Mostafa; Yusuf Godil, Aysha (2014-07-22)
      Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) are robotic vehicles that function without direct human monitoring. Their main purpose is to collect data, record 3D maps of surrounding underwater environment and conduct survey ...
    • Independent Sustainable City 

      Chehab, Karim; Alzarooni, Eisa; Ezzeddine, Ameen; Jabr, Ahmed (2015-02-01)
      Nowadays, cities are mostly relying on non-renewable sources of energy such as fossil fuels. The International Energy Agency estimates that in 2011, 81.2% of the world’s primary sources of energy came from fossil fuels.
    • An Innovative Approach for a Better Tsunami Warning System 

      AlGhabra, M. Said; Arja, Bader Abu; Therwani, Tarun (2019-05)
      Tsunamis are among the most destructive natural disasters, however most tsunamis can be detected before hitting the shore. Therefore, we dedicated our project to develop an innovative system with a better tsunami detection, ...
    • Installing Laser Weapons on Combat Vehicles 

      Abdul-Dayem, Abdullah; Al Murad, Saad; Mustafa, Huda; Abou Chakra, Rami (2014-01-19)
      This project proposes the use of high-powered lasers in order to destroy oncoming missiles and drones. These lasers are mounted on military trucks to make the system mobile and easily deployed to strategic locations. The ...
    • Integrating Wind Turbines in Skyscrapers 

      Al-Jabri, Yasmine; Youssef, Ahmad; Damen, Noor; Saghir, Zaid (2014-07-22)
      It is no secret that the world is suffering from an energy crisis as fossil fuels and natural resources are near depletion. Renewable source of energy have been receiving increased attention over recent years.
    • Intelligent Speed Adaptation 

      Adra, Muaaz; Al-Qahtani, Ahmed; Elawady, Menna; Rajesh, Aniket (2019-05)
      Conforming to laws and regulations is vital to road safety. As the European Commission stated in 2012, "The main causes of fatal accidents are speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, and non-use of a seat belt." ...
    • Light Emitting Concrete (LEC) 

      Mohammad, Fahad; Hannan, Hadia; Shaikh, Anza; Khan, Arham (2014-07-22)
      Currently, the world recognizes concrete as just a dull, grey building material. However, concrete has the potential to cater to different functions as well.
    • Manufacturing of Metal Matrix Composites: Optimization of the Powder Metallurgy Process 

      Jihad, Bassam; Ali, Refaat; Babar, Ali; Chowdhury, Tanveer (2016-11)
      Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) is a material made up of combination of metal and ceramics which combines both properties of parent materials. MMC have some significant advantages, such as providing better mechanical strength ...
    • Medical Waste Management 

      Abdelrahim, Nadin; Wehbe, Omar; Yahya, Hamda; Rahman, Mohammad Abdul (2016-11)
      "Medical waste can be defined as waste produced by hospitals, clinics, doctors' and dentists' offices, veterinary clinics, and medical research labs." [1] 85% of Medical Waste is non-hazardous. 15% of Medical Waste is ...
    • Monitoring Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 

      Alfayez, Noura; Alshehhi, Maha; Banialnajjar, Amna; Galadari, Lamya; Khalid, Tuqa (2014-01-19)
      We are creating an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that will monitor traffic congestion and vehicular air pollution, to help traffic management centers take prompt action to relieve highly congested roadways. It will also ...
    • Multi-Purpose Prosthetic Leg 

      Ahamed, Faraaz; Awerya, Obayda; Mazhar, Aoun (2014-01-19)
      Our project revolves around examining different aspects of current athletic prosthetic legs, and how they can be improved upon by adding to their usability, structure and design. Our main aim focuses on allowing for various ...
    • Nanosensors in the Construction Industry 

      Alkayyali, Tartela; Alhudaidi, Mariam; Almomani, Darina; Al Kej, Leen (2015-02-01)
      Nanosensors aid in the detection of cracks and defects in concrete, the detection of moisture and temperature variations of structures, and the reduction of physical labor.
    • Nanotechnology for Cancer Treatment 

      AlJassmi, Hamdah; Ali, Alaa; Moghaddam, Sepehr Erfan; Azeez, Sara (2015-02-01)
      Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells segregate without control and are able to attack other normal tissues.
    • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) 

      Maarouf, Nisreen; Motiwala, Mehak; Mustafa, Syed Hamdan; Saeed, Hafsa (2015-02-01)
      Depletion of fossil fuels and gasoline, and their effect on the global climate, necessitate the need for an alternative source of energy. Approximately 170,000 TW of solar radiation fall on the earth’s surface and is not ...
    • Offshore Wind Farms 

      Jarad, Nahed; Matouk, Ahmed; Ismail, Muhaimen; Almarashda, Mohamed; Vikraman, Vipul (2016-11)
      Reliance on non-renewable resources will cause major economic and environmental damage. Comparing with onshore wind farms, offshore winds tend to flow at higher speeds than onshore winds, and thus it allows turbines to ...