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    • Recycling Household Wastes into Energy Sources 

      El Lakkis, Basma; Al Saadani, Hazem; Ahmed, Soha; Hajji, Usman (2014-01-19)
    • Remote Hazard Detection System in Oil & Gas Industry 

      Hasan, Md.Samiul; Apparaju, Aditya; Alam, Ibrahim (2014-01-19)
      Safety in the oil and gas industry is a crucial part of the working environment. The incidents and accidents over the years in both onshore and offshore oil fields shows it is very important to develop a monitoring system ...
    • Remote Sensors to Monitor Structural Integrity in Pipelines 

      Hamwi, Rana; Raven, Joshua; Al Ali, Nasser; Al Ghamri, Lamyaa; Afify, Abdullah (2015-02-01)
      Nowadays, pipelines represent one of the most common for transporting fluids. The risk of a spill due to pipeline damage is always there. The risk of a spill due to pipeline damage is always there. Although there are various ...
    • The Road of the Future 

      Alneaimi, Ebrahim; Basiouny, Mohammed; Hameed, Sabil (2014-01-19)
      Roads are an integral part of a nation’s infrastructure. They have become permanent additions to our geography. With the technological advancements that are heralding the new age, the implementation of smart roads will ...
    • Running AUS on Solar Energy 

      AlAssi, Mohammad; AlAssar, Mohammad; Ghatoura, Rajbir; AlShaikh, Shaikha; Rehman, Fazal (2014-01-19)
      In this project, we have proposed fitting each building in AUS with Solar Panels to charge up that building during the day, and for non-renewable energy to be distributed only at night when required. By switching over to ...
    • Safety Enhancement of Vehicles 

      Sajwani, Mohamed; Damati, Tariq; Ali, Ali; Abu-Shanab, Amin (2016-11)
      VANET turns every participating car into a wireless router or node, allowing cars approximately 100 to 250 meters of each other to connect, creating a network with a wide range.[6] As cars fall out of the signal range and ...
    • Self Powered Gymnasium 

      Suleiman, Sarah; Shams, Mohammad; Al-Hufaity, Jenan (2014-07-22)
      Exercising machines consume a lot of energy that can be utilized to generate clean electricity. The world is experiencing energy crises due to growing demand for energy and dependence on fossil fuels.
    • Severed Peripheral Nerves: An Electrochemical Solution 

      Sinno, Dina Valentina; Brahim, Ikram; Altal, Lin; Hegazi, Heba (2015-02-01)
      Peripheral nerves are vast communication networks that transmit information from the central nervous system to the rest of the body. The aim of this research is to resolve the issue of severed peripheral nerves by incorporating ...
    • Sign Language-Speech Translation Device 

      Borik, Ahmed; Al Najada, Faris; Al Nuaimi, Reem; Mithalouni, Rami (2016-11)
      Disabled people may possess considerate talent that is often wasted. Individuals might come across hindrances due to their disabilities. People with disabilities can be more productive if provided the necessary tools. What ...
    • Skills and Competencies for Effective Academic Advising and Personal Tutoring 

      McGill, Craig M.; Ali, Mehvash; Barton, Dionne (Frontiers in Education, 2020)
      Advising/personal tutoring has moved from the fringes of higher education to the center of student success initiatives. Advising professionals serve as faculty members, mentors, student advocates, and campus leaders. Drawing ...
    • Smart Drones for a Smarter Government 

      Al-Kaabi, Mohammed; Abdul-Hadi, Maha; Al-Shahrouri, Abdulaziz (2014-07-22)
      Using drones as a means of transportation can help eliminate problems encountered by the people.
    • Smart Fire Extinguisher System (SFES) 

      Ludhani, Sonam; Ahmed, Omar; Wasif, Kamel; Iqbal, Benna (2014-07-22)
      Most fires in the UAE occur in warehouses in industrial areas. Current firefighting systems in warehouses rely heavily on firefighters to manually extinguish fires. Due to heavy congestion in these areas, firefighters’ ...
    • Smart Fire Extinguishing System (SFES) 

      Al-Nazli, Lubna; Al-Abdooli, Hamad; Sulaiman, Bashayer; Al-Farouki, Hala (2016-11)
      Most buildings in UAE are complying with the safety standards related to fire accidents to ensure safe accommodation for the residents. Hence, most buildings use water-based sprinkler system for fire extinguishing, as shown ...
    • Smart Grid Application for AUS 

      Al-Falasi, Salama; Alkadi, Ruba; Alsuwaidi, Afra (2014-07-22)
      Traditional existing electric grid technologies are no longer supporting the demands of the constantly growing population efficiently which results in power outages. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, ...
    • Smart Homes: Connectivity and Self-Sustainability 

      Kanbar, Dana; Alfar, Majd; Damati, Osama; Abdalla, Ahmed (2016-11)
      A smart home is a sustainable home that applies advanced systems to provide sophisticated control over the building’s functions. The use of computer hardware and software as well as Information Technology to control, ...
    • Smart Houses: Why Choose a Smart House? 

      Paul, Vivian; Alkhader, Tasneem; Alzarooni, Muhra; Oudah, Eissa (2019-05)
      [Discusses the reasons for choose a smart home: energy expenditure, disaster management, home management, and cost efficiency.]
    • Smart Parking 

      Ali, Mohamed; Saleh, Rayyan; Answar, Mohammad; ElBaba, Dina (2014-01-19)
      It is not a secret that AUS suffers a serious parking problem that affects its students negatively. The parking spaces that AUS offers for students are no longer enough; therefore, AUS needs to expand its parking space to ...
    • Smart Parking in Big Malls in the UAE 

      Hassan, Mahitab Alaaeldin; Aqlan, Zinab; Mhd. Zahir, AbdulSamad; Baddawi, Bader (2014-07-22)
      It might be conceived that there is a shortage in the availability of parking lots due to the difficulties faced by visitors who try to locate a vacant parking spot. Furthermore, due to the shortage in energy supply and ...
    • Smart Parking: Piezoelectric Application 

      Seddiq, Anoushah; Alhajri, Sara; Hisham, Jad; AlAkram, Ummul-Khair; Herzallah, Salem (2016-11)
      Smart parking is an upgrade to the paid parking lot entrances in the American University of Sharjah. A piezoelectric energy harvester generates clean electricity, from the applied pressure of cars onto the pavement of the ...
    • Smart Solar Roads 

      Joudeh, Jiana; Alsalam, Ala; Ata-all, Koroles; Hanna, Maria (2014-07-22)
      The UAE is ranked as the seventh biggest per person consumer of energy .The UAE plans to produce 50 Mega Watt of electricity from sustainable sources. Smart solar roads are made of solar panels and a rechargeable battery ...