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    • 3D Printers for Sustainable Construction 

      Kandil, Sara; Sulaiman, A.; Malke, Malek; Murad, Fadel Haj (2016-11)
      How can 3D printing contribute to the sustainability of building construction?
    • 3D Printing of Buildings on Construction Sites 

      Sultan, Afan; Zahid, Mohammad; Ahmed, Turki (2016-11)
      3D printing is a new technology that is still under development. 3D printing enables industry to construct buildings and structures quickly and efficiently at low cost. Cost reduction results from reduced expenditure on ...
    • Application of Solar Tower Technology in Electricity Production in UAE 

      Almatroushi, Mohamed; Hammoudeh, Ahmad; Alshantti, Abdalkarim (2016-11)
      Worldwide energy consumption is on a constant climb due to the fact of our reliance on electricity for almost everything as well as the increase in global population. In 2010, 100% of UAE's electricity demand was fulfilled ...
    • Building Artificial Mountains to Increase Precipitation in the UAE 

      Mohammed, Rami; Sharaf, Hatem; Ataya, Ghaith; Reza, Mohammad; Khalid, Mohamed (2016-11)
      In the recent years temperature has been rising noticeably in the UAE. The raise of temperature has been causing a raise of humidity level. Artificial mountains can be built to decrease the humidity level and promote ...
    • Concentrated Energy Towers 

      Sharif, Rashed; Al-Sadouni, Saif; Thomas, Rahul; Labiadh, Ahmed (2016-11)
      Renewable energy is a key aspect in providing a safe source of energy for future generations. One of the main sources of renewable energy is solar energy. Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the Sun that is harnessed ...
    • Concentrated Solar Power Towers 

      Kallangodan, Alif; Farhat, Wisaam; Saqib, Owais; Alhamad, Ahmad (2016-11)
      As technology increases in variety and complexity, power consumption and the demand for electricity are on the rise. Coupled with the hazardous environmental effects that fossil fuels create and their limited supply, ...
    • Construction with Contour Crafting 

      Chazi, Mohamed; Mokhtar, Ali; Awwad, Ameen (2016-11)
      The emirate’s population is growing 7% year-on-year, meaning that at least 75,000 new properties are needed each year to keep up with demand. The number of properties for sale in Dubai is beginning to fall below the level ...
    • Contactless Power Transfer (CPT) System in Electric Vehicles (EV’s) 

      Fatima, Anum; Qureshi, Waleed; Ali, Basit; Bin Adnan, Behzad (2016-11)
      The usage of Electric Vehicles (EV’s) is increasing in European countries because of the low tax rates for low-emission vehicles in these nations. However, the inconvenient charging procedures associated with EV’s have ...
    • Converting Low Level Nuclear Waste to Fuel 

      Essam, Ammar; Alteneiji, Anas; Al Tamimi, Abdullah; Al Fareed, Abdallah (2016-11)
      In modern times, the use of nuclear energy has increased due to the depletion of petroleum and fossil fuels. However, the nuclear power plants produce hazardous nuclear waste that adversely affects the environment.These ...
    • Design and Construction of a Cross-Laminated Timber Skyscraper 

      Shaikh, Farhaaz; Al Yazji, Ahmed; Patel, Adil; AlShamsi, Noura (2016-11)
      Concrete and steel are currently the building materials in most skyscraper construction. Due to their negative impact on the environment, timber has been proposed as an alternative material.
    • Detecting and Fixing Pipeline Faults in a Non-Invasive Manner 

      Bitar, Samar; Al-Hamahmy, Dina; Kadavilakkandathil, Adnan Muhammed (2016-11)
      Pipes are usually fixed invasively, or even replaced completely which costs a lot of resources. Inspection of the pipelines and their repair can be automated with the help of autonomous robots and other machinery that aids ...
    • Developing an Integrated Water Management Infrastructure in Homes 

      Mustafa, Abdelrahman; Ramadan, Badria; Jijakli, Bayan (2016-11)
      As the world population is predicted to increase (see figure 1), the human consumption to sources of life; such as food and water, will increase. However; the freshwater withdrawals have tripled over the last 50 years and ...
    • Does the Answer to Water Security in the UAE Lie in Pakistan? 

      Kyaure, Muhammad; Elfarra, Abdalsattar; Alshamsi, Abdallah; Mohamed, Amgad; Al Mansouri, Hazeem (2016-11)
      Is importing water into the UAE a practical solution from technological, political and environmental perspectives?
    • Enhancing the Tsunami Alert System 

      Almarzooqi, Mariam; Alshehhi, Bashayer; Mansouri, Seyedeh Fatemah; Al-Alami, Abderrahmane (2016-11)
      The Circum-Pacific belt, is the zone of earthquakes surrounding the Pacific Ocean-about 90% of the world's earthquakes occur there [1]. The current tsunami alert system, DART 2, consists of a network of sensors underground ...
    • Feasibility of 3D Depth Camera in the Civil Engineering Field 

      Bastaki, Amira; Al-Saleh, Dareen; AlAwadhi, Mariam; Alalawi, Saeed; AlSamahi, Soughah (2016-11)
      In the civil engineering field, land surveying is the foundation of any construction process and has always been the method of choice for topographic mapping analysis. One of the latest technologies of 3D Depth Camera is ...
    • Food Quality Control using Modern Technology 

      Hassanin, Sara; Salha, Ghassan; Khaled, Sara (2016-11)
      The food industry continuously adapts to new technology mainly because of the variety of processes that are involved in the production of foods and beverages, ensuring the sustainability of the quality of the products. ...
    • Gesture Recognition in Traffic Systems 

      Mahmoud, Husam; AlHilali, Muna; Ahmed, Ahmed (2016-11)
      Traffic congestion in Dubai is on a par with most major cities in the world, costing the economy Dh771,147.388 per kilometer in fuel and time lost, Gulf News can reveal. [1] Due to extensive traffic jams, a gesture recognition ...
    • Graphene Use in Wave Powered Desalination 

      Kochar, Shreya; Alnaqbi, Amina; Hammada, Ahmed; Ismail, Lynne Abou (2016-11)
      As the world’s population is predicted to increase, consumption of drinking water will increase. However, the freshwater withdrawals have tripled over the last 50 years and this is predicted to increase even more in the ...
    • Human and Robot Interaction in High Rise Construction 

      Cheema, Armaghan; Younis, Bassim; Jabbour, Raed (2016-11)
      All accidents that happened during roof, ladder, and scaffolding works accounted for 55% of all the construction industry accidents. Human behavior is a contributing factor in approximately 80% of the accidents in construction ...
    • Hydrogen Fueled Home Generators 

      Shubair, Asma; Hussan, Abdul Majid; Afifi, Karim; Al Shamali, Meera; Barakat, Abdul Rahman (2016-11)
      Burning fossil fuel, such as coal, oil and natural gases contribute to pollution and global warming due to the emission of carbon dioxide. 33% of green house emissions are due to electricity generation, which is the highest ...