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    • Electric Speedbreakers 

      Mohamed, Tajaldeen; Abdulhadi, Feras; Elrefaey, Omar; Moataz, Ahmed (2019-05)
      Our topic describes the utilization of mechanically modified speed breakers as alternative source for sustainable energy production. The main research question to be answered is "What are the benefits of generating power ...
    • Hyperloops: The Future of Transport 

      Rego, Alden; Karrani, Abdelaziz; Jibreel, Fahid; Abdalla, Shadi (2019-05)
      Hyperloops are floating pods enclosed within vacuum tubes. Current modes of transportation need to be optimized due to transit time, environmental issues, and safety concerns. Advantages of hyperloops: can revolutionize ...
    • An Innovative Approach for a Better Tsunami Warning System 

      AlGhabra, M. Said; Arja, Bader Abu; Therwani, Tarun (2019-05)
      Tsunamis are among the most destructive natural disasters, however most tsunamis can be detected before hitting the shore. Therefore, we dedicated our project to develop an innovative system with a better tsunami detection, ...
    • Intelligent Speed Adaptation 

      Adra, Muaaz; Al-Qahtani, Ahmed; Elawady, Menna; Rajesh, Aniket (2019-05)
      Conforming to laws and regulations is vital to road safety. As the European Commission stated in 2012, "The main causes of fatal accidents are speeding, driving under the influence of alcohol, and non-use of a seat belt." ...
    • Smart Houses: Why Choose a Smart House? 

      Paul, Vivian; Alkhader, Tasneem; Alzarooni, Muhra; Oudah, Eissa (2019-05)
      [Discusses the reasons for choose a smart home: energy expenditure, disaster management, home management, and cost efficiency.]
    • Space Elevators: Orbital Ring System 

      Atmeh, Ahmad; Akhil, Satya Sri; Mardood, Abdullah; Sabet, Abdelrahman (2019-05)
      The main purpose of a space elevator is to carry payloads into space as an alternative to conventional rockets. The following poster showcases the feasible version of the Space Elevator: The Orbital Ring System.