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  • Semantic based navigation and lane keeping 

    Abdeen, Abdallah Adel (2023-04)
    This thesis develops a novel method of robotic navigation and lane keeping system for the outdoor environment. The system uses semantic information, that is knowledge of a given map, and camera-based object detection of ...
  • Evaluation of Estrone Liposomes using Microfluidics for Breast Cancer Therapy 

    Al Bostami, Rouba D. (2023-11)
    Breast cancer, the predominant and frequently recurring cancer in women on a global scale, presents challenges to traditional chemotherapy methods. This is primarily due to issues such as systemic toxicity, low solubility, ...
  • Corporate Diversification, Earnings Management, and Financial Statement Readability 

    El Mouttaqui, Hajar (2023-11)
    I examine the implications of corporate diversification on the quality of financial reporting measured as earnings management and financial statement readability. The results reveal that diversified firms have a lower ...
  • Structural and Durability Performance of 3D Concrete Printing 

    Ghoneim, Abdalla (2023-07)
    3D concrete printing, 3DCP, is considered the latest digital technology in the construction industry, it has proven its potential in a wide range of disciplines. Recently, there has been growing interest in exploring 3D ...
  • Scaffold‑based 3D cell culture models in cancer research 

    Abuwatfa, Waad Hussein; Pitt, William G.; Husseini, Ghaleb (Springer Nature, 2024)
    Three-dimensional (3D) cell cultures have emerged as valuable tools in cancer research, offering significant advantages over traditional two-dimensional (2D) cell culture systems. In 3D cell cultures, cancer cells are grown ...

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