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  • Lower Semicontinuity in L¹ of a Class of Functionals Defined on BV with Caratheodory Integrands 

    Wunderli, Thomas (Hindawi Limited, 2021)
    We prove lower semicontinuity in 𝐿¹(Ω) for a class of functionals 𝒢 :𝐵𝑉(Ω) →ℝ of the form 𝒢(𝑢)=∫Ω𝑔(𝑥, 𝛻𝑢)𝑑𝑥 + ∫Ω𝜓(𝑥)𝑑|Dˢ𝑢| where 𝑔 :Ω⨉ℝᴺ→ℝ, Ω⊂ℝᴺ is open and bounded, 𝑔(.,𝑝) ∊ 𝐿¹(Ω) for each 𝑝 satisfies ...
  • Classifying Maqams of Qur'anic Recitations Using Deep Learning 

    Shahriar, Sakib; Tariq, Usman (IEEE Access, 2021)
    The Holy Qur’an is among the most recited and memorized books in the world. For beautification of Qur’anic recitation, almost all reciters around the globe perform their recitations using a specific melody, known as maqam ...
  • Prediction of EV Charging Behavior Using Machine Learning 

    Shahriar, Sakib; Al-Ali, Abdul-Rahman; Osman, Ahmed; Dhou, Salam; NIJIM, MAIS (IEEE Access, 2021)
    As a key pillar of smart transportation in smart city applications, electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming increasingly popular for their contribution in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. One of the key challenges, however, ...
  • A Survey on the Integration of Blockchain With IoT to Enhance Performance and Eliminate Challenges 

    Al Sadawi, Alia; Hassan, Mohamed; Ndiaye, Malick (IEEE Access, 2021)
    Internet of things IoT is playing a remarkable role in the advancement of many fields such as healthcare, smart grids, supply chain management, etc. It also eases people's daily lives and enhances their interaction with ...
  • Evaluation of refined cement-based matrix systems for extrusion of wood fiber cement 

    Nassar, Roz-Ud-Din; Soroushian, Parviz; Balachandra, Anagi; Nassar, Shumayal; Weerasiri, Rankothge; Darsanasiri, Nalin; Abdol, Nastran (Elsevier, 2021)
    Different cementitious matrix formulations incorporating various chemical, polymeric and mineral additives were evaluated for use in extruded fiber cement products. These alternative formulations were designed to enhance ...

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