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    • Perceptions of Emotional Functionality: Similarities and Differences Among Dignity, Face, and Honor Cultures 

      Maitner, Angela; DeCoster, Jamie; Andersson, Per A.; Eriksson, Kimmo; Sherbaji, Sara; Giner-Sorolla, Roger; Mackie, Diane M.; Aveyard, Mark; Claypool, Heather M.; Crisp, Richard J.; Gritskov, Vladimir; Habjan, Kristina; Hartano, Andree; Kiyonari, Toko; Kuzminska, Anna O.; Manesi, Zoi; Molho, Catherine; Munasinghe, Anudhi; Peperkoorn, Leonard S.; Shiramizu, Victor; Smallman, Rachel; Soboleva, Natalia; Stivers, Adam W.; Summerville, Amy; Wu, Baopei; Wu, Junhui (Sage, 2021)
      Emotions are linked to wide sets of action tendencies, and it can be difficult to predict which specific action tendency will be motivated or indulged in response to individual experiences of emotion. Building on a functional ...