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    • Biophysical model of coral population connectivity in the Arabian/Persian Gulf 

      Cavalcante, Geórgenes H.; Vieira, Filipe; Mortensen, Jonas; Ben-Hamadou, Radhouane; Range, Pedro; Goergen, Elizabeth; Campos, Edmo; Riegl, Bernhard (Elsevier, 2020)
      The coral reef ecosystems of the Arabian/Persian Gulf (the Gulf ) are facing profound pressure from climate change (extreme temperatures) and anthropogenic (land-use and population-related) stressors. Increasing degradation ...
    • Freshwater budget in the Persian (Arabian) Gulf and exchanges at the Strait of Hormuz 

      Campos, Edmo; Gordon, Arnold L.; Kjerfve, Bjorn; Vieira, Filipe; Cavalcante, Geórgenes H. (PLOS, 2020-05-29)
      Excess evaporation within the Persian (also referred as the Arabian) Gulf induces an inverse-estuary circulation. Surface waters are imported, via the Strait of Hormuz, while saltier waters are exported in the deeper layers. ...