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    • Corrosion Behavior of Common Metals in Eutectic Ionic Liquids 

      Ibrahim, Taleb; Alhasan, Rami; Bedrelzaman, Mohamed; Sabri, Muhammad Ashraf; Abdel-Jabbar, Nabil; Mjalli, Farouq Sabri (International Journal of ELECTROCHEMICAL SCIENCE, 2019)
      The corrosion behavior of six choline chloride-based eutectic solvents namely, ChCl-Ur, ChCl-EG, ChCl-Gl, ChCl-MA, ChCl-Ph and ChCl-TG towards copper, mild steel and stainless steel 316 have been investigated. The effect ...
    • Dynamic modeling and analysis of biotrickling filters in continuous operation for H2S remova 

      Ahmed, Wasim; Shareefdeen, Zarook; Abdel-Jabbar, Nabil (2014-12)
      A number of important biotrickling filter (BTF) models are reviewed. For our study, a theoretical model, based on H2S removal in a differential BTF under batch mode, was selected among the models reviewed. Using a cascade ...
    • Modeling and dynamic analysis of a membrane bioreactor withbackwash scheduling 

      Alnaizy, Raafat; Abdel-Jabbar, Nabil; Aidan, Ahmed; Abachi, Noor Ali (2012-03)
      A dynamic model, based on mass transport and reaction rate laws of biomass and substrate for a membrane bioreactor (MBR), was successfully developed. Furthermore, an empirical model for flux prediction was used. Key kinetic ...