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    • A Parametric Study on the Backwater Level Due to a Bridge Constriction 

      Atabay, Serter; Ali, T. A.; Mortula, Maruf (Waset, 2015-03)
      This paper presents the results and findings from a parametric study on the water surface elevation at upstream of bridge constriction for subcritical flow. In this study, the influence of Manning's Roughness Coefficient ...
    • Reduction of Leachability of Sewage Sludge by Alum Treatment 

      Mortula, Maruf; Atabay, Serter; T., Ali; Ghadban, Ahmed (ICE Virtual Library, 2014-04)
      The sustainable disposal practices of waste materials have drawn much attention in the last two decades. One of the growing disposal practices is the use of land-based application (e.g. fertiliser). However, the application ...