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    • Skopos for Children's Literature: Translation and Commentary 

      Alsabbagh, Aliaa Abdulraouf (2014-01)
      Literature represents a nation's culture and plays a vital role in the bringing up of children. As such and unlike adult literature, translating children's literature (CL) poses difficulties for translators simply because ...
    • Skopos in Advertising Translation into Arabic 

      Haddad, Khalil (2015-05)
      Current definitions identify advertising to be paid mass communication designed to persuade or influence the customer. In today's world, we are witnessing significant growth in the volume of international trade as a result ...
    • Smart City and Smart Tourism: A Case of Dubai 

      Khan, Sajid; Woo, Mina; Nam, Kichan; Chathoth, Prakash (MDPI, 2017-12-08)
      Over the past decade, the advent of new technology has brought about the emergence of smart cities aiming to provide their stakeholders with technology-based solutions that are effective and efficient. Insofar as the ...
    • Smart Drones for a Smarter Government 

      Al-Kaabi, Mohammed; Abdul-Hadi, Maha; Al-Shahrouri, Abdulaziz (2014-07-22)
      Using drones as a means of transportation can help eliminate problems encountered by the people.
    • Smart Fire Extinguisher System (SFES) 

      Ludhani, Sonam; Ahmed, Omar; Wasif, Kamel; Iqbal, Benna (2014-07-22)
      Most fires in the UAE occur in warehouses in industrial areas. Current firefighting systems in warehouses rely heavily on firefighters to manually extinguish fires. Due to heavy congestion in these areas, firefighters’ ...
    • Smart Fire Extinguishing System (SFES) 

      Al-Nazli, Lubna; Al-Abdooli, Hamad; Sulaiman, Bashayer; Al-Farouki, Hala (2016-11)
      Most buildings in UAE are complying with the safety standards related to fire accidents to ensure safe accommodation for the residents. Hence, most buildings use water-based sprinkler system for fire extinguishing, as shown ...
    • Smart Grid Application for AUS 

      Al-Falasi, Salama; Alkadi, Ruba; Alsuwaidi, Afra (2014-07-22)
      Traditional existing electric grid technologies are no longer supporting the demands of the constantly growing population efficiently which results in power outages. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, ...
    • Smart Grid Security: Threats, Vulnerabilities and Solutions 

      Aloul, Fadi; Al-Ali, Abdulrahman; Al-Dalky, Rami Yousef; Al-Mardini, Mamoun; El-Hajj, Wassim (2012)
      The traditional electrical power grid is currently evolving into the smart grid. Smart grid integrates the traditional electrical power grid with information and communication technologies (ICT). Such integration empowers ...
    • Smart Home Area Networks Protocols within the Smart Grid Context 

      Hafeez, Ayesha; Kandil, Nourhan; Al-Omar, Ban Abdul Elah; Landolsi, Taha; Al-Ali, Abdulrahman (2014-09)
      The Internet of things (IoT) applications are becoming one of the emerging smart grid enabling technologies. Smart home appliances are one the beneficiary of such applications. Machine-to-Machine and Man-to-Machine are the ...
    • A Smart Home Energy Management System Using IoT and Big Data Analytics Approach 

      Al-Ali, Abdul-Rahman; Zualkernan, Imran; Rashid, Mohammed; Gupta, Ragini; Alikarar, Mazin Abdelbadea Nasralla (IEEE, 2017-11)
      Increasing cost and demand of energy has led many organizations to find smart ways for monitoring, controlling and saving energy. A smart Energy Management System (EMS) can contribute towards cutting the costs while still ...
    • Smart Homes: Connectivity and Self-Sustainability 

      Kanbar, Dana; Alfar, Majd; Damati, Osama; Abdalla, Ahmed (2016-11)
      A smart home is a sustainable home that applies advanced systems to provide sophisticated control over the building’s functions. The use of computer hardware and software as well as Information Technology to control, ...
    • Smart Houses: Why Choose a Smart House? 

      Paul, Vivian; Alkhader, Tasneem; Alzarooni, Muhra; Oudah, Eissa (2019-05)
      [Discusses the reasons for choose a smart home: energy expenditure, disaster management, home management, and cost efficiency.]
    • Smart Parking 

      Ali, Mohamed; Saleh, Rayyan; Answar, Mohammad; ElBaba, Dina (2014-01-19)
      It is not a secret that AUS suffers a serious parking problem that affects its students negatively. The parking spaces that AUS offers for students are no longer enough; therefore, AUS needs to expand its parking space to ...
    • Smart Parking in Big Malls in the UAE 

      Hassan, Mahitab Alaaeldin; Aqlan, Zinab; Mhd. Zahir, AbdulSamad; Baddawi, Bader (2014-07-22)
      It might be conceived that there is a shortage in the availability of parking lots due to the difficulties faced by visitors who try to locate a vacant parking spot. Furthermore, due to the shortage in energy supply and ...
    • Smart Parking: Piezoelectric Application 

      Seddiq, Anoushah; Alhajri, Sara; Hisham, Jad; AlAkram, Ummul-Khair; Herzallah, Salem (2016-11)
      Smart parking is an upgrade to the paid parking lot entrances in the American University of Sharjah. A piezoelectric energy harvester generates clean electricity, from the applied pressure of cars onto the pavement of the ...
    • Smart Solar Roads 

      Joudeh, Jiana; Alsalam, Ala; Ata-all, Koroles; Hanna, Maria (2014-07-22)
      The UAE is ranked as the seventh biggest per person consumer of energy .The UAE plans to produce 50 Mega Watt of electricity from sustainable sources. Smart solar roads are made of solar panels and a rechargeable battery ...
    • Smart Traffic System in Jumeirah 

      Serry, Youssef; Mojaver, Elmira; Istanbuli, Mostafa; Abu-Eidah, Mahmoud (2014-07-22)
      Jumeirah road became one of the most well-known roads in Dubai due to the tourist attraction and commercial use. However the road has become very congested with traffic because of its excessive use of traffic signals and ...
    • Social Cohesion and Optimal Redistribution in Economies with Long-Run Growth 

      Bandyopadhyay, Debasis; Tang, Xueli (American University of Sharjah, 2018)
      We suggest that as social cohesion improves, the macroeconomic gains from progressive redistribution decline. Social interactions facilitate diffusion of nonrival knowledge. The consequent bridging of the knowledge gaps ...
    • A Social Constructionist Perspective on the Diffusion of Innovative Fiscal Responsibility Legislation 

      Wallis, Joe; Goldfinch, Shaun (2013-01)
      Compared to competitive, coercive and learning models, social constructionist theory is particularly well-suited to explaining the diffusion of policy norms across cross-country networks. This paper augments this approach ...
    • Social Media Presence of Free-to-Air Satellite Channels in the Arab World 

      Rabadi, Hiba; Hazineh, Joud (Arab Advisors Group, 2014-07)
      This report provides an overview of the social media presence on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube, for a total of 40 FTA satellite TV channels that broadcast in the Arab World by end of June 2014. The 40 ...