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    • Using Assessment to Understand Students 

      Flanagan, Daphne; Ross, Alanna (2014-11-23)
      AUS Library users were surveys about the quality of the library and its services. Major findings: Overall satisfaction is excellent, Noise is an issue, Website needs improvement, Faculty want more resources.
    • Using Concept Maps and Fuzzy Set Information Retrieval Model to Dynamically Personalize RSS Feeds 

      Ismail, Heba Mahmoud (2011-01)
      Knowledge has always been at the heart of work and action of people. The amount of knowledge is growing and types of knowledge are becoming more diverse. Effective knowledge management may require going beyond basic knowledge ...
    • Using Contact Lenses to Monitor Diabetes 

      Al-Walid, Hams; Gadalla, Dina; Zeid, Salma; Hattab, Odai (2014-07-22)
      Millions of diabetic patients have to frequently prick their fingers to track their glucose level. Using this common method, diabetic patients are more susceptible to infections and pain. Studies have shown that blood ...
    • Using Lactose and Ultrasound to deliver chemotherapeutics 

      Abusamra, Rand Hasan (2019-05)
      As the number of cancer patients increase, so does the number of patients that undergo chemotherapy, as well as the suffering, caused by its side effects. To solve this adversity, an innovative form of delivering ...
    • Using Linear Regression and Back Propagation Neural Networks to Predict Performance of Soiled PV Modules 

      Shapsough, Salsabeel Yousef; Dhaouadi, Rached; Zualkernan, Imran (Elsevier, 2019)
      This paper presents a study on neural network-based modeling techniques and sensor data to estimate the power output of photovoltaic systems under soiling conditions. Predicting maximum power output under soiling conditions ...
    • Using oil shale ash waste as a modifier for asphalt binders 

      Ghuzlan, Khalid; Al-Khateeb, Ghazi; Abu Damrah, Abdullah (2013-10)
      Oil shale rocks represent one of the most available sources of energy. Jordan land contains about 50 billion tons of oil shale, which makes Jordan the third in the world of the reserve of this material. Oil shale ash is a ...
    • Using Piezoelectric Bumps to Enhance Urban Intersections 

      Hamze, Ahmad; Al-Taher, Rasha; Moseli, Mu'taz; Mannaa, Eyad (2016-11)
      The UAE population has undergone a rapid increase, from 2.46 million to 9.27 million, since 1996 [1]. This led to an increase in the number of vehicles, especially in Dubai, which ultimately decreased the transportation ...
    • Using the Age and Metallicity of 8 Star Clusters to confirm the Chemical Enrichment History of the LMC 

      Balaha, Farah; Alhosani, Maryam; Asa'd, Randa; Chillingarian, Igor V. (IOP Science, 2019)
      In this paper, we find the ages and metallicities of 8 Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) star clusters obtained from integrated light spectra and use them to obtain the Chemical Enrichment History of the host galaxy. Our results ...
    • Utilizing active learning strategies to enhance learning in first year university chemistry courses 

      Pappalardo, Lucia; Gunn, Cindy (Zayed University Press, 2013)
      Teaching chemistry to non-science majors can be a challenge in higher education owing to students’ perceptions of the subject’s difficulty, and of its usefulness. In order to address these challenges, the authors applied ...
    • Variation of Shear Wave Velocity with SPT-N Values in the City of Sharjah 

      Bismillah, Niamatullah Haji (2014-06)
      Modern building codes require the evaluation of a shear wave velocity profile of the foundation soils for a dynamic analysis of structures and sites to occur. Wave velocities are typically evaluated by conducting laboratory ...
    • Vehicle Emissions Recycling 

      Hassan, Ali; Al-Barazi, Ashraf; Ahmed, Hoshank; Al Sharif, Obai; Al Sharif, Odai (2015-02-01)
      This project focuses on finding a solution to reduce the air pollution in the atmosphere due to emissions emitted from light vehicles. Problem statement: finding a useful way to recycle emissions in order to reduce air ...
    • Video Streaming over D2D Networks 

      Ahmed, Ibtihal Mohamed Taha (2019-04)
    • Video Transmission over LTE-Unlicensed 

      Aseeri, Fatema Mahmood (2017-11)
      The witnessed proliferation in the demand on wireless spectrum over the past years is anticipated to lead to a bandwidth scarcity problem. The situation is further aggravated by the combined increase in the demand on the ...
    • Vigilance Decrement and Enhancement Techniques: A Review 

      Yahya, Fares; Tariq, Usman; Mir, Hasan; Alawar, Hamad; Babiloni, Fabio; Al-Nashash, Hasan (MDPI, 2019)
      This paper presents the first comprehensive review on vigilance enhancement using both conventional and unconventional means, and further discusses the resulting contradictory findings. It highlights the key differences ...
    • Virtual Trade and Growth 

      Marjit, Sugata (American University of Sharjah, 2015-01-29)
      The purpose of this paper is to propose a model where trade has a direct and positive impact on growth rate of two trading nations beyond the level effect. We use the idea of virtual trade in intermediates induced by non- ...
    • Viscosity and Critical Properties of n-Decane, n-Pentadecane and n-Eicosane using Molecular Simulation 

      Samad, Ibrar Ul (2019-12)
      Studies involving heavy hydrocarbons have been steadily increasing due to the increase in the extraction of shale or heavy oil of which heavy hydrocarbons are a major constituent. Experimental studies are difficult to ...
    • Viscous-Gravity Spreading of Oil on Water: Modeling and Challenges 

      Chebbi, Rachid (Wiley, 2014-04)
      Oil spreading is one of the major factors affecting the fate of oil spills on water. Modeling spreading is required to study the impact of oil slicks on the environment and plants using sea water including desalination ...
    • Vocabulary Teaching Techniques in an Omani Government School 

      Al Jabri, Badr Abdullah (2008-09)
      Vocabulary teaching has been the subject of much discussion among the community of English as a foreign language (EFL) teachers in government schools in Oman. It is considered to be one of the causes of the general weakness ...
    • Volatile compounds produced by Calotropis procera (Family: Asclepiadaceae] leaves that aid in the repulsion of grazers 

      Russell, Dennis; Al-Sayah, Mohammad; Munir, Fatima (2011-09)
      Calotropis procera, a desert shrub with large succulent leaves, but without protective spines, was investigated for volatile substances that aid in repelling grazing animals. It was found that fresh C.perocieraleaves ...
    • Voltage Stability Assessment of Dubai Power Grid Using a Detailed Load Model 

      Al Disi, Salha Ali (2013-06)
      Voltage stability problem has become one of the major concerns for power utilities in recent years. This is due to the exponentially growing demands and the associated stress on the power transmission resources. Moreover, ...