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    • Fabrication of SiC/Magnesium Alloy Composite via Friction Stir Processing 

      Naser, Ahmad Z. (2016-01)
      One of the most interesting improvements in the history of materials is composites manufacturing. Because of their ability to improve different mechanical properties of some metals, nanoparticles have been given much ...
    • Face Recognition in Uncontrolled Indoor Environment 

      Abuqaaud, Kamal Adel (2013-06)
      Face recognition (FR) is one of the most convenient biometric systems even though it is not currently the most reliable one. Especially when images for (FR) system are captured by surveillance cameras, such cameras often ...
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    • Faculty use of the course management system (CMS) iLearn at the American University of Sharjah 

      Prescott, David; Gunn, Cindy; Alieldin, Walid; Botter, Kathleen; Baghestani, Shireen; Saadat, Hamed (Zayed University Press, 2013)
      That course management systems (CMS) are relevant to higher education is beyond question. Tertiary institutions invest significant resources in developing CMS and promoting their use by faculty members. Considerable research ...
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    • Fault Coverage and Diagnosis of Protocols and Systems Modeled As Extended Finite State Machines 

      Hassoun, Mark Habib (2015-01)
      Automatic test derivation from formal specifications offers a rigorous discipline to functional conformance testing. In various application domains, such as communication protocols and other reactive systems, the specification ...
    • Fault Detection of Fuel Systems Using Polynomial Regression Profile Monitoring 

      Awad, Mahmoud (Wiley Online Library, 2016-08-09)
      Anomaly detection is the characterization of a normal behavior of a system or process and identification of any deviation from such normal behavior. Anomaly detection of critical systems provides an important financial and ...
    • Fault-Tolerant Network Topologies for Datacenters 

      Attia, Heba Mahmoud Helal (2017-05)
    • Feasibility of 3D Depth Camera in the Civil Engineering Field 

      Bastaki, Amira; Al-Saleh, Dareen; AlAwadhi, Mariam; Alalawi, Saeed; AlSamahi, Soughah (2016-11)
      In the civil engineering field, land surveying is the foundation of any construction process and has always been the method of choice for topographic mapping analysis. One of the latest technologies of 3D Depth Camera is ...
    • Feasibility of Condensate Recovery in Humid Climates 

      Hassan, Noha M. (2013)
      This study investigates the practicality of using the air-conditioning condensate as an additional source of water. The scarcities of natural water resources, especially in arid regions, represent a major obstacle restraining ...
    • Feature modeling using polynomial classifiers and stepwise regression 

      Shanableh, Tamer; Assaleh, Khaled (Elsevier, 2010)
      In polynomial networks, feature vectors are mapped to a higher dimensional space through a polynomial function. The expanded vectors are then passed to a single layer network to compute the model parameters. However, as ...
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    • Fetal ECG Signal Enhancement 

      Ahmadi, Maryam (2008-06)
      Fetal heart monitoring yields vital information about the fetus health and can support medical decision making in critical situations. A compound signal is obtained non-invasively by placing electrodes on the abdomen area ...
    • Finding a Solution For Recycling Wastes 

      Amer, Karim; Hamdan, Hassan; Charkaoui, Younis (2014-07-22)
      Over the past few years, there has been a remarkable growth in trash disposal all over the UAE, especially in Dubai, due to its huge demographic growth. Most of this trash is being disposed in large landfills in huge ...
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    • Finite Element Analysis of Splayed Steel Girder Bridges 

      Hraib, Faress (2015-06)
      A splayed girder bridge is a bridge which consists of a deck slab supported on girders with linearly varying spacing. The simple formulas and approximate design procedures in the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications ...
    • Fire Fighting Robots in Chemical Industries 

      El-Abed, Salma; Tahir, Habiba; AlHilali, Maryam; Shein, German (2015-02-01)
      Fires in chemical factories are toxic in nature and pose a serious threat to firefighters. A suitably armored firefighting robot that is designed to survive harsh conditions can save the lives of firefighters and help ...
    • Firm Growth and Political Institutions 

      Boubakri, Narjess; El Ghoul, Sadok; Saffar, Walid (American University of Sharjah, 2013-11-06)
      Using a large sample of 115,534 firm-year observations from 46 countries over the period 1992 to 2007, we investigate the impact of political institutions on firms' growth. We find that high levels of political constraint ...