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    • n-Hexadecane Fuel for a Phosphoric Acid Direct Hydrocarbon Fuel Cell 

      Zhu, YuanChen; Robinson, Travis; Al-Othman, Amani; Tremblay, Andre; Ternan, Marten (Hindawi, 2015-01)
      The objective of this work was to examine fuel cells as a possible alternative to the diesel fuel engines currently used in railway locomotives, thereby decreasing air emissions from the railway transportation sector. We ...
    • Nanosensors in the Construction Industry 

      Alkayyali, Tartela; Alhudaidi, Mariam; Almomani, Darina; Al Kej, Leen (2015-02-01)
      Nanosensors aid in the detection of cracks and defects in concrete, the detection of moisture and temperature variations of structures, and the reduction of physical labor.
    • Nanotechnology for Cancer Treatment 

      AlJassmi, Hamdah; Ali, Alaa; Moghaddam, Sepehr Erfan; Azeez, Sara (2015-02-01)
      Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells segregate without control and are able to attack other normal tissues.
    • A Navigation and Control System for a Robot in Indoor/Outdoor Environments 

      Al Khatib, Ehab (2016-05)
      This thesis presents an approach to solving the global navigation problem of wheeled mobile robots in indoor and outdoor environments. The presented solutions are based on probabilistic approaches. In outdoor environment, ...
    • A Navigation System for Indoor/Outdoor Environments with an Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) 

      Roigari, Milad (2015-05)
      This thesis presents an approach for solving the global navigation problem of wheeled mobile robots. The presented solution for outdoor navigation uses Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) to estimate the robot location based on ...
    • Near-Field FMCW Radar for Mapping of Multilayer Structures 

      Jundi, Ayman Jalal (2010-05)
      Near-field microwave non-destructive evaluation and inspection (NDE&I) of structures and materials is widely used in many applications. Single frequency measurements were found to be effective in detecting defects and ...
    • The Need for Domestication: An Annotated Translation of a Personal Development Text from English to Arabic 

      El Shahed, Mohamed (2005-06)
      This work discusses problems related to the need to domesticate encountered during the translation of the prologue, introduction, and part of Chapter I of a book titled The Different Drums by American psychiatrist and ...
    • Neural network based predistortion of radio frequency power amplifiers 

      Ali, Anfal Alsayed (2021-04)
      Over the last few decades, researchers have been able to successfully use neural networks for behavioral modeling and predistortion of power amplifiers. When used as predistorters, neural networks offer favorable results ...
    • Neural Networks as a Convex Problem 

      Khalil, Baha (2016-09)
      We reformulated the problem of training the neural networks model into a convex optimization problem by performing a local quadratic expansion of the cost function and adding the necessary constraints. We designed a new ...
    • Neuro-Wavelet Based Islanding Detection Technique 

      Fayyad, Yara (2010-05)
      Integrating distributed generator into the existing distribution network is predicted to play an important role in the near future. Distributed generators, specifically renewable energy technologies, such as photovoltaic, ...
    • A new characterization of periodic oscillations in periodic difference equations 

      Al-Salman, Ahmad; Al-Sharawi, Ziyad (Elsevier, 2011-11)
      In this paper, we characterize periodic solutions of p-periodic difference equations. We classify the periods into multiples of p and nonmultiples of p. We show that the elements of the set of multiples of p follow the ...
    • A New Data-Based Dust Estimation Unit for PV Panels 

      Shaaban, Mostafa; AlArif, Amal AbdulAziz; Mokhtar, Mohamed; Tariq, Usman; Osman, Ahmed; Al-Ali, A. R. (MDPI, 2020)
      Solar photovoltaic (PV) is playing a major role in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) smart grid infrastructure. However, one of the challenges facing PV-based energy systems is the dust accumulation on solar panels. Dust ...
    • A New Extension of Generalized Exponential Distribution with Application to Ozone Data 

      Dey, Sanku; Alzaatreh, Ayman; Zhang, Chunfang; Kumar, Devendra (Taylor & Francis, 2017)
      In this article, a new distribution, called transformed Generalized Exponential Distribution () is proposed. The distribution has simple closed forms pdf and cdf. Several properties of the distribution are studied including ...
    • The New Generation of Students: How colleges can recruit, teach, and serve Gen Z 

      Selingo, Jeffrey J. (The Chronicle of Higher Education, 2018)
      This Chronicle report draws on demographic trends, surveys, front-line observations, and an expanding array of Gen Z books and experts to introduce the new generation to campus leaders. Details are still emerging, but Gen ...
    • A new method to improve the lifetime stability of small molecule bilayer heterojunction organic solar cells 

      AL-Amar, Mohammad M.; Hamam, Khalil; Mezei, Gellert; Guda, Ramakrishna; Hamdan, Nasser; Burns, Clement A. (2013-02)
      Unencapsulated small molecular solar cells with a layer of carboxylated copper phthalocyanine (CuPc⁎) introduced between the donor copper phthalocyanine (CuPc) and acceptor 3,4,9,10-perylene tetracarboxylic dianhydride ...
    • Next Generation 10 Gb/s RZ Optical Transmitters 

      Al Houli, Amira Mohamed (2004-05)
      We propose an alternate chirp RZ optical transmitter that provides telecommunication carriers with a cost effective solution for upgrading the existing 2.5 Gb/s fiber links to 10 Gb/s. The performance of the proposed ...
    • Non-Destructive Water Leak Detection Using Multitemporal Infrared Thermography 

      Yahia, Mohamed; Gawai, Rahul; Ali, Tarig; Mortula, Maruf; Albasha, Lutfi; Landolsi, Taha (IEEE, 2021)
      Waterleakage detection and localization in distribution networks pipelines is a challenge for utility companies. For this purpose, thermal Infrared Radiation (IR) techniques have been widely applied in the literature. ...
    • Non-Linear Finite Element Analysis of Steel Base Plates on Leveling Nuts 

      Kayani, Abdul Wahab (2012-01)
      Base plates are used to connect structural members to their foundations. They are routinely used in cantilevered structures supporting traffic utilities like overhead cantilevered direction signboards, traffic signals, ...
    • Non-Linear Modeling and Control of Unmanned Air Vehicle 

      Ramezani, Roozbeh Falah (2012-05)
      The aim of this thesis is to design and simulate a Dynamic Inversion based autopilot for a fixed wing aircraft. The autopilot provides the aircraft motion stability by commanding the different aircraft control surfaces and ...
    • Non-Linear Profile Monitoring Using Artificial Neural Network Fault Detection 

      Mohamed, Ahmed Fares (2018-04)
      In today’s world, the development of technology and industrial systems is becoming much more complex with the ever-demanding need for higher quality. Anomaly detection is the characterization of a normal behavior of a ...