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    • Dual-Targeting and Stimuli-Triggered Liposomal Drug Delivery in Cancer Treatment 

      AlSawaftah, Nour Majdi; Pitt, William G.; Husseini, Ghaleb (American Chemical Society, 2021)
      The delivery of chemotherapeutics to solid tumors using smart drug delivery systems (SDDSs) takes advantage of the unique physiology of tumors (i.e., disordered structure, leaky vasculature, abnormal extracellular matrix ...
    • Modeling of Drug Release Kinetics from Stimuli- Responsive Micelles and Liposomes: A review 

      AlSawaftah, Nour Majdi; Paul, Vinod; Awad, Nahid S.; Husseini, Ghaleb (IEEE, 2021)
      Nanocarriers such as micelles and liposomes were developed to enhance the delivery of therapeutic drugs to tumors. Internal or external stimuli can be applied to achieve spatiotemporal controlled release from these carriers. ...
    • Transferrin‑modifed liposomes triggered with ultrasound to treat HeLa cells 

      AlSawaftah, Nour Majdi; Awad, Nahid S.; Paul, Vinod; Kawak, Paul S.; Al-Sayah, Mohammad; Husseini, Ghaleb (Nature, 2021)
      Targeted liposomes are designed to target specific receptors overexpressed on the surfaces of cancer cells. This technique ensures site-specific drug delivery to reduce undesirable side effects while enhancing the efficiency ...
    • Ultrasound-responsive Nanocarriers in Cancer Treatment: a review 

      Awad, Nahid S.; Paul, Vinod; Haar, Gail ter; Allen, Theresa M.; Pitt, William G.; AlSawaftah, Nour Majdi; Husseini, Ghaleb (American Chemical Society, 2021)
      The safe and effective delivery of anticancer agents to diseased tissues is one of the significant challenges in cancer therapy. Conventional anticancer agents are generally cytotoxins with poor pharmacokinetics and ...
    • Ultrasound-triggered Immunotherapy for Cancer Treatment: An Update 

      Mukhopadhyay, Debasmita; Ahmed, Amal Elsadig Elamir; Sano, Catherine; Awad, Nahid S.; AlSawaftah, Nour Majdi; Husseini, Ghaleb (Bentham, 2021)
    • Ultrasound‑triggered herceptin liposomes for breast cancer therapy 

      Elamir, Amal; Aysha Ajith, Saniha; AlSawaftah, Nour Majdi; Abuwatfa, Waad Hussein; Mukhopadhyay, Debasmita; Paul, Vinod; Al-Sayah, Mohammad; Awad, Nahid S.; Husseini, Ghaleb (Nature, 2021)
      The functionalization of liposomes with monoclonal antibodies is a potential strategy to increase the specificity of liposomes and reduce the side-effects associated with chemotherapeutic agents. The active targeting of ...