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    • Converting Low Level Nuclear Waste to Fuel 

      Essam, Ammar; Alteneiji, Anas; Al Tamimi, Abdullah; Al Fareed, Abdallah (2016-11)
      In modern times, the use of nuclear energy has increased due to the depletion of petroleum and fossil fuels. However, the nuclear power plants produce hazardous nuclear waste that adversely affects the environment.These ...
    • Waste to Energy: Plasma Gasification 

      Maryam; Badr; Bassam; Abouelela; Sulkhan (2016-11)
      In recent years UAE has been experiencing high population growth in parallel to its increase in economic status, to the point that each individual on average produced 2.1 kg of waste per capita per day. The consequences ...
    • Waste-to-Energy Transfer 

      Al Saeed, Afra; Jaroor, Maryam; Ayman, Moaz; Farhoud, Tasneem (2015-02-01)
      There are several technologies that generate electricity from waste, including incineration, gasification, anaerobic digestion and compaction. The incineration process generates electricity by combusting waste under ...