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    • 2D Elasto-Plastic Finite Element Analysis of Tunnels in Dubai, UAE 

      Al Hai, Nasser (2012-06)
      Major cities in UAE in general and Dubai in particular are facing significant challenges in terms of traffic flow patterns. Tunnels are being considered as viable option to alleviate the problems faced by transportation ...
    • 3D Bioprinting of Bodyparts 

      Kobaissi, Nour; Teng, Lexian; Altawil, Abdalqader; Alkhader, Maher (2015-02-01)
      The growing demand for organs is placing pressure on both doctors and patients on waiting lists. The gap between the number of organ donors and the number of organ recipients has caused doctors to look for alternatives, ...
    • 3D Printers for Sustainable Construction 

      Kandil, Sara; Sulaiman, A.; Malke, Malek; Murad, Fadel Haj (2016-11)
      How can 3D printing contribute to the sustainability of building construction?
    • 3D Printing of Buildings on Construction Sites 

      Sultan, Afan; Zahid, Mohammad; Ahmed, Turki (2016-11)
      3D printing is a new technology that is still under development. 3D printing enables industry to construct buildings and structures quickly and efficiently at low cost. Cost reduction results from reduced expenditure on ...
    • 4D Printed Auxetic Structures with Tunable Mechanical Properties 

      Yousuf, Mohammad Hani (2019-06)
      Additive manufacturing (i.e., 3D printing) has revolutionized the entire design cycle from prototyping, machining, and assembly. The majority of the materials suitable for 3D printing result in rather rigid structures with ...
    • 50 Signs of Mental Illness: Translation and Commentary 

      Fare', Hebah (2013-07)
      This thesis deals with the translation and investigation of the most appropriate translation strategies and approaches to use when translating texts of psychological nature. Three chapters of the book entitled 50 Signs of ...
    • 5G Networks 

      Al-Nasla, Fahed; Almeadat, Haneen; Fernandes, Sheehan; Chehimi, Alaa (2015-02-01)
      The purpose of this research is to analyze the 5G networks as the next potential mobile service provider.
    • 5G User Equipment Phased Array Antenna Architecture for Millimeter Wave Beamforming Applications 

      ElGhanam, Eiman Ayman Mahmoud (2018-12)
      With the increase in demand for higher capacities and enhanced coverage, extensive research is conducted towards addressing this demand through the upcoming fifth generation of mobile networks, also known as 5G. In order ...
    • Access and Application: Addressing the Two Major Problems in Current Business and Peace Research 

      Katsos, John (Greenleaf Publishing, 2016-06)
      The Developing Field of business and peace has largely focused on three research streams: theory, quantitative analyses of perceptions, and qualitative analyses of company actions grounded in other fields such as political ...
    • Acoustic Detection of Partial Discharge using Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition Techniques 

      Swedan, Anas (2010-05)
      Power transformers are one of the major components in electric network. The service area of power transformers is quite large which means that the failure of such equipment will cause huge losses for power companies. ...
    • Acoustic Energy Harvesting using Dual Piezoelectric Plates 

      Bin Tarsh, Maleka AbdulBari (2017-05)
      Sound is abundant energy found in our everyday lives, especially in urban places. Acoustic energy can be thought of as a good alternative energy source. Despite the fact that the sound is prevalent; it is challenging to ...
    • Acoustically activated release of estrone-targeted liposomes used for breast cancer treatment 

      Mohammad, Najla (2016-01)
      Chemotherapy is frequently used in cancer treatment. However, side effects associated with this type of treatment are often detrimental to the patient's health. This thesis discusses a novel approach of delivering a cytotoxic ...
    • Adaptive Estimation of Li-ion Battery Model Parameters 

      Ali, Daniyal (2016-05)
      This work presents a novel application of a high gain adaptive observer-based technique for Lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery modeling. The model used in this work was originally developed by Chen and Mora. However, in Chen and ...
    • Adaptive Neuro-Observer for Elastic Drive Systems 

      Jafari, Amir Hossein (2011-12)
      This work presents the design, implementation, testing, and validation of a Neural Network based observer for a real hardware elastic drive system. Diagonal recurrent neural network architecture and two types of controllers ...
    • Adaptive PID Controller for a Non Linear Pendulum System Using Recurrent Neural Networks 

      Jafari, Reza (2005-06)
      The main objective of this research is to study feedforeword and recurrent neural networks (RNN) for nonlinear dynamic system identification and control. To be able to control, predict or analyze any system, accurate model ...
    • Adaptive Video Streaming Over Cognitive Radio Networks 

      Mohamed, Ala Eldin Omer (2017-01)
      Several challenges face reliable video streaming over wireless networks due to the stringent requirements of high data rate, low error rate, and limited end-to-end delay. Cognitive radio (CR) networks offer a great advantage ...
    • Added Mass Formulation For Fluid-Structure Interaction 

      Koushesh, Afsoun (2016-05)
      Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) occurs due to interaction of multiple continuum fields. In our daily life, FSI is a common phenomenon. Birds flying in the air, leaves falling off the tree and waving flags are examples ...
    • Adding Sliding Solar Panels to a Hybrid Car 

      Al Kendi, Mohamed; AlHarsousi, Suhail; Al Zarouni, Ali; Al Sayegh, Farah (2014-01-19)
      In our project, a hybrid solar car will be redesigned in order to increase the efficiency, reduce the carbon emissions, and minimize the cost. Our hybrid car design will consist of two solar panels on the roof of the car. ...
    • Additive Cyclic Codes Over Rings 

      Saman, Jonas (2015-02)
      This Master's thesis introduces a reader with an average knowledge of mathematics to coding theory. A background in algebra is included with the required details needed in coding theory. The thesis guides the reader from ...