Work by the faculty and students of the Department of Accounting

Recent Submissions

  • On the Causal Link between Financial Development and Economic Growth: Case of Jordan 

    AbuAl-Foul, Bassam; Genc, Ismail; Darayseh, Musa (Virtus Interpress, 2016)
    This paper empirically examines the causal relation between financial development and economic growth in the case of Jordan for the period 1965 to 2004. That is, the paper attempts to provide answers to the following ...
  • An auditing framework for knowledge-enabled supply chain management: Implications for sustainability 

    Daghfous, Abdelkader; Zoubi, Taisier (MDPI, 2017)
    Knowledge management (KM) plays a key role in the success of several enterprise systems, such as supply chain management (SCM). This paper discusses knowledge-enabled supply chain management (K-SCM) as it enhances the ...
  • Implications of Cost Behavior for Analysts' Earnings Forecasts 

    Ciftci, Mustafa; Mashruwala, Raj; Weiss, Dan (American University of Sharjah, 2014-03-27)
    Recent work in management accounting offers several novel insights into firms' cost behavior. This study explores whether financial analysts appropriately incorporate information on two types of cost behavior in predicting ...
  • R&D Productivity following First-Time CIO Appointments 

    Khallaf, Ashraf; Skantz, Terrance R. (American University of Sharjah, 2013-06-09)
    Prior studies find that firms announcing the appointment of a new chief information officer (CIO) are rewarded by stock price increases, suggesting that the market expects new CIOs to add long-term value to the firm. In ...