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    • Helping students take control of their learning through the use of focused weekly review sheets 

      Gunn, Cindy (TESOLANZ, 2001)
      This paper reports on work done with students enrolled in a Level 4 Certificate of Attainment in English (CAEL) class at the University of Waikato Language Institute in Auckland. The original purpose was to help raise the ...
    • The Role of AEBP1 in Sex-Specific Diet-Induced Obesity 

      Zhang, Lei; Reidy, Shannon P.; Nicholson, Tara E.; Lee, Hyun-Jeong; Majdalawieh, Amin; Webber, Chris; Stewart, Bruce R.; Dolphin, Peter; Ro, Hyo-Sung (Springer Nature, 2005)
      Obesity is an important risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers, but the molecular basis for obesity is poorly understood. The transcriptional repressor AEBP₁, which functions as a negative regulator ...
    • Hector Berlioz's Les Nuits d'été: A performer's perspective 

      Weiler, Sherri (National Association of Teachers of Singing, 2005)
    • Climbing Grammar Mountain: An Interactive Learning Experience 

      Gunn, Cindy; McCallum, Ann (United States Department of State, 2005)
      This article describes a grammar game that is an enjoyable way for students to correct sentences. In Climbing Grammar Mountain, best suited for secondary and university students, learners compete in teams to "climb" a game ...
    • On phi-Dedekind rings and phi-Krull rings 

      Badawi, Ayman; Anderson, David F. (University of Houston, 2005)
      The purpose of this paper is to introduce two new classes of rings that are closely related to the classes of Dedekind domains and Krull domains. Let H = {R | R is a commutative ring with 1 and Nil(R) is a divided prime ...
    • On the periodic logistic equation 

      Al-Sharawi, Ziyad; Angelos, James (Elsevier, 2006)
      We show that the 𝒑-periodic logistic equation 𝒳ₙ₊₁ = μₙ mod 𝒑𝒳ₙ(1 - 𝒳ₙ) has cycles (periodic solutions) of minimal periods 1; 𝒑; 2𝒑; 3𝒑; …. Then we extend Singer’s theorem to periodic difference equations, and use ...
    • An Extension of Sharkovsy’s Theorem to Periodic Difference Equations 

      Al-Sharawi, Ziyad; Angelos, James; Elaydi, Saber; Rakesh, Leela (Elsevier, 2006)
      We present an extension of Sharkovsky’s Theorem and its converse to periodic difference equations. In addition, we provide a simple method for constructing a p-periodic difference equation having an r-periodic geometric ...
    • Martingale problem for superprocesses with non-classical branching functional 

      Leduc, Guillaume (Elsevier, 2006)
      The martingale problem for superprocesses with parameters (𝛏, Ф, 𝑘) is studied where 𝑘(𝒹𝑠) may not be absolutely continuous with respect to the Lebesgue measure. This requires a generalization of the concept of ...
    • Strong ring extensions andphi-pseudo-valuation rings 

      Badawi, Ayman; Dobbs, David E. (University of Houston, 2006)
      In this paper, we extend the concept of strong extensions of domains to the context of (commutative) rings with zero-divisors. We show that the theory of strong extensions of rings resembles that of strong extensions of domains.
    • Richard Wagner's Wesendonck Lieder: Isolde Personified 

      Weiler, Sherri (National Association of Teachers of Singing, 2006)
    • On phi-Mori rings 

      Badawi, Ayman; Lucas, Thomas G. (University of Houston, 2006)
      A commutative ring R is said to be a phi-ring if its nilradical Nil(R) is both prime and comparable with each principal ideal. The name is derived from the natural map phi from the total quotient ring T(R) to R localized ...
    • Anti-bacterial self-assembled nanotubes of cyclic d, l-alpha-peptides 

      Al-Sayah, Mohammad; Ghadiri, M. Reza (AIP Publishing, 2007)
      Cyclic D, L‐α‐peptides can be designed to spontaneously partition into lipid and cell membranes where they self‐assemble into membrane‐permeating nanotubes and result in disruption of membrane potentials leading to rapid ...
    • Adipocyte Enhancer-binding Protein-1 Promotes Macrophage Inflammatory Responsiveness by Up-Regulating NF-κB via IκBα Negative Regulation 

      Majdalawieh, Amin; Zhang, Lei; Ro, Hyo-Sung (The American Society for Cell Biology, 2007)
      Nuclear factor κB (NF-κB) subunits comprise a family of eukaryotic transcription factors that are critically involved in cell proliferation, inflammation, and apoptosis. Under basal conditions, NF-κB subunits are kept under ...
    • Existence and stability of periodic orbits of periodic difference equations with delays 

      Al-Sharawi, Ziyad; Angelos, James; Elaydi, Saber (World Scientific Publishing, 2008)
      In this paper, we investigate the existence and stability of periodic orbits of the p-periodic difference equation with delays xₙ = f(n - 1, xₙ₋ₖ). We show that the periodic orbits of this equation depend on the periodic ...
    • Periodic Orbits in Periodic Discrete Dynamics 

      Al-Sharawi, Ziyad (Elsevier, 2008)
      We study the combinatorial structure of periodic orbits of nonautonomous difference equations 𝒳ₙ₊₁ = 𝒇ₙ(𝒳ₙ) in a periodically fluctuating environment. We define the Ӷ-set to be the set of minimal periods that are not ...
    • The trans-10, cis-12 isomer of conjugated linoleic acid decreases adiponectin assembly by PPARγ-dependent and PPARγ-independent mechanisms 

      Miller, Jessica R.; Siripurkpong, Pilaiwan; Hawes, Jennifer; Majdalawieh, Amin; Ro, Hyo-Sung; McLeod, Roger S. (Elsevier, 2008)
      The adipocyte-derived secretory protein adiponectin functions as an insulin-sensitizing agent. In plasma, adiponectin exists as low, medium, and high molecular weight oligomers. Treatment with trans-10, cis-12 conjugated ...
    • Some finiteness conditions on the set of overrings of a phi-ring 

      Badawi, Ayman; Jaballah, Ali (University of Houston, 2008)
      Let H = {R | R is a commutative ring and Nil(R) is a divided prime ideal of R}. For a ring R in H with total quotient ring T(R), Let phi be the natural ring homomorphism from T(R) into R_Nil(R). An integral domain R is ...
    • Exercisability Randomization of the American Option 

      Leduc, Guillaume (Taylor & Frances Online, 2008)
      The valuation of American options is an optimal stopping time problem which typically leads to a free boundary problem. We introduce here the randomization of the exercisability of the option. This method considerably ...
    • Emerging Pedagogies in the Middle East: Enhancing Student Autonomy Using Weblogs (Blogs) 

      Raven, John; Gunn, Cindy (The University of Buckingham Press, 2008)
      Students in the Middle East have typically been taught English following traditional, rote learning methods. There has been little time, or little room, within the set curriculum for teachers to enrich their students’ ...
    • Coexistence and extinction in a competitive exclusion Leslie/Gower model with harvesting and stocking 

      Al-Sharawi, Ziyad; Rhouma, Mohamed Ben Haj (Taylor & Francis Online, 2009)
      The principle of competitive exclusion states that when the competition between species is sufficiently strong, only the dominant species survives. In this paper, we examine the strategies of using stocking and harvesting ...