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  • Does the Answer to Water Security in the UAE Lie in Pakistan? 

    Kyaure, Muhammad; Elfarra, Abdalsattar; Alshamsi, Abdallah; Mohamed, Amgad; Al Mansouri, Hazeem (2016-11)
    Is importing water into the UAE a practical solution from technological, political and environmental perspectives?
  • Waste Management in the UAE 

    Alam Mishu, Afsana; Al Zaabi, Noora; AlMarzooqi, Majed; Ibrahim, Moustafa (2016-11)
    Municipal waste is a rapidly growing issue in developing and developed countries. A technology known as Waste to Energy (WTE) Technology is introduced to reduce the amount of municipal waste. Incineration is the combustion ...
  • Oil and Water Separation Technique: An Application of Ultrasonic Vibration Technology 

    Abu Zant, Mohammad; El Sabba, Omar; Shawahneh, Ayman; Shabban, Osama (2016-11)
    Currently there are multiple techniques that are used to separate and purify oil water, these two techniques are quite able to reach high product purities making the a viable component of a burgeoning refinery plant however ...
  • Treatment of Underground Water Using Ozonation 

    Samhouri, Anwar; Yousif, Lamis; Roshdy, Yara; Shorrab, Yousef (2016-11)
    Today, water is being used at a rate twice the rate of the population increase. The sources of water commonly used today is groundwater and seawater. Groundwater is being depleted causing many countries to suffer of high ...
  • Sustainable Integration of Solar Energy for Desalination 

    Kamel, Michael; Fathy, Ahmed; Shahab, Sharjeel; Hassan, Mohamed (2016-11)
    Water extraction, treatment and distribution accounts for 8% of global energy consumption. Which can be estimated as ∼7MJ/m3. The main factors affecting solar desalination plant feasibility are technology maturity, economics ...
  • Sustainable and Efficient Electric Vehicle and Charging System 

    AlTawil, Sireena; Noori, Hilal; Ahmed, Alreem; Itani, Samir (2016-11)
    Global warming is a major problem the world is facing, and the main contributors to it are greenhouse gases. Gas operated cars and electricity generation using fossil fuels are the major greenhouse gas emitters. So our ...
  • Waste to Energy: Plasma Gasification 

    Maryam; Badr; Bassam; Abouelela; Sulkhan (2016-11)
    In recent years UAE has been experiencing high population growth in parallel to its increase in economic status, to the point that each individual on average produced 2.1 kg of waste per capita per day. The consequences ...
  • Application of Solar Tower Technology in Electricity Production in UAE 

    Almatroushi, Mohamed; Hammoudeh, Ahmad; Alshantti, Abdalkarim (2016-11)
    Worldwide energy consumption is on a constant climb due to the fact of our reliance on electricity for almost everything as well as the increase in global population. In 2010, 100% of UAE's electricity demand was fulfilled ...
  • Smart Parking: Piezoelectric Application 

    Seddiq, Anoushah; Alhajri, Sara; Hisham, Jad; AlAkram, Ummul-Khair; Herzallah, Salem (2016-11)
    Smart parking is an upgrade to the paid parking lot entrances in the American University of Sharjah. A piezoelectric energy harvester generates clean electricity, from the applied pressure of cars onto the pavement of the ...
  • Smart Fire Extinguishing System (SFES) 

    Al-Nazli, Lubna; Al-Abdooli, Hamad; Sulaiman, Bashayer; Al-Farouki, Hala (2016-11)
    Most buildings in UAE are complying with the safety standards related to fire accidents to ensure safe accommodation for the residents. Hence, most buildings use water-based sprinkler system for fire extinguishing, as shown ...
  • Smart Homes: Connectivity and Self-Sustainability 

    Kanbar, Dana; Alfar, Majd; Damati, Osama; Abdalla, Ahmed (2016-11)
    A smart home is a sustainable home that applies advanced systems to provide sophisticated control over the building’s functions. The use of computer hardware and software as well as Information Technology to control, ...
  • Sign Language-Speech Translation Device 

    Borik, Ahmed; Al Najada, Faris; Al Nuaimi, Reem; Mithalouni, Rami (2016-11)
    Disabled people may possess considerate talent that is often wasted. Individuals might come across hindrances due to their disabilities. People with disabilities can be more productive if provided the necessary tools. What ...
  • Safety Enhancement of Vehicles 

    Sajwani, Mohamed; Damati, Tariq; Ali, Ali; Abu-Shanab, Amin (2016-11)
    VANET turns every participating car into a wireless router or node, allowing cars approximately 100 to 250 meters of each other to connect, creating a network with a wide range.[6] As cars fall out of the signal range and ...
  • Portable Flood Relief Unit: Using Nanoiltraion and Hydroelectricity Generaion 

    Venugopal, Gopika; Almarar, Khalifa; Mir, Mushfik; Hospian, Shirak; Ahmed, Bilal (2016-11)
    Bangladesh is a flooding hotspot as 80% of Bangladesh is considered to be floodplain. It also has an extensive sea coastline, putting the nation at a high risk of experiencing periodic widespread damage. On average, in ...
  • Detecting and Fixing Pipeline Faults in a Non-Invasive Manner 

    Bitar, Samar; Al-Hamahmy, Dina; Kadavilakkandathil, Adnan Muhammed (2016-11)
    Pipes are usually fixed invasively, or even replaced completely which costs a lot of resources. Inspection of the pipelines and their repair can be automated with the help of autonomous robots and other machinery that aids ...
  • Piezoelectricity with Photovoltaic (PV) Panels 

    Elazab, Mennatalla; Al-Ahmad, Noura; Obeid, Ahmad; Abu Shaban, Osama (2016-11)
    Solar energy is one of the most sustainable sources of energy, and one way to harness it is using solar panels. They are also known as photovoltaic panels (PV). Many countries such as Germany, Italy, China and the United ...
  • Developing an Integrated Water Management Infrastructure in Homes 

    Mustafa, Abdelrahman; Ramadan, Badria; Jijakli, Bayan (2016-11)
    As the world population is predicted to increase (see figure 1), the human consumption to sources of life; such as food and water, will increase. However; the freshwater withdrawals have tripled over the last 50 years and ...
  • Design and Construction of a Cross-Laminated Timber Skyscraper 

    Shaikh, Farhaaz; Al Yazji, Ahmed; Patel, Adil; AlShamsi, Noura (2016-11)
    Concrete and steel are currently the building materials in most skyscraper construction. Due to their negative impact on the environment, timber has been proposed as an alternative material.
  • Converting Low Level Nuclear Waste to Fuel 

    Essam, Ammar; Alteneiji, Anas; Al Tamimi, Abdullah; Al Fareed, Abdallah (2016-11)
    In modern times, the use of nuclear energy has increased due to the depletion of petroleum and fossil fuels. However, the nuclear power plants produce hazardous nuclear waste that adversely affects the environment.These ...
  • Using Piezoelectric Bumps to Enhance Urban Intersections 

    Hamze, Ahmad; Al-Taher, Rasha; Moseli, Mu'taz; Mannaa, Eyad (2016-11)
    The UAE population has undergone a rapid increase, from 2.46 million to 9.27 million, since 1996 [1]. This led to an increase in the number of vehicles, especially in Dubai, which ultimately decreased the transportation ...

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