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    • Earthquake Resistant Building 

      Cheaito, Kamal; Saleh, Fady; Rowaizak, AbdelRahman; Jamal, Lama (2014-01-19)
      Thousands of innocent lives have been taken away due to seismic crashes and earthquakes. Besides human losses, a lot of money is spent on restructuring what has been collapsed and destroyed. Unfortunately, since most ...
    • Installing Laser Weapons on Combat Vehicles 

      Abdul-Dayem, Abdullah; Al Murad, Saad; Mustafa, Huda; Abou Chakra, Rami (2014-01-19)
      This project proposes the use of high-powered lasers in order to destroy oncoming missiles and drones. These lasers are mounted on military trucks to make the system mobile and easily deployed to strategic locations. The ...
    • Hydrogen Fueled Vehicles 

      Muneer, Rameez; Marie, Hadeel; Younan, Andrew; ElKassem, Mohamad (2014-01-19)
      The future of energy once fossil fuels run out is in the hands of renewable sources. Our project is about Hydrogen powered vehicles and how hydrogen can be used viably as a fuel in cars. The project focuses on the problems ...
    • Implemting the maglev train among the UAE, KSA and Qatar 

      Abou Tayoun, Khaled; Hussein, Rania; Al Hawi, Hessa (2014-01-19)
      Implementing a maglev train among the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia involves tackling engineering problems of various disciplines. Since our team consists of members with chemical, mechanical ...
    • Eco-Friendly Green Factory 

      Ali, Hessa; Ahmad, Maitha; Yousuf, Nadeem (2014-01-19)
      The main objective of this report is to come up with Eco-Friendly Green Factories using different solutions as the waste produced by factories is harming the environment in numerous ways; noise pollution, air pollution, ...
    • Sustainable Smart Houses 

      AlKhoory, Khadija; Kamel, Marwa; AlMasabi, Mohammed; AlAyedi, Zaina (2014-01-19)
      In this project the main aim of EMDP team is to turn smart houses to sustainable smart houses. The team focused on three major things that should be changed to have a sustainable smart house. First, reduce the usage of ...
    • Hybrid Electric Vehicles 

      Hassan, Maryam; Al Hebsi, Mohamed Rashid; Al Jaberi, Hamad Abdulla; Ansar, Omar Mohamed (2014-01-19)
      The problems related to the generation of electricity to fuel vehicles are three-fold. Firstly, conventional vehicles are major contributors to pollution due to the combustion of petroleum which is leading to the depletion ...
    • Recycling Household Wastes into Energy Sources 

      El Lakkis, Basma; Al Saadani, Hazem; Ahmed, Soha; Hajji, Usman (2014-01-19)
    • How to Avoid Structural, Corrosion, and Deterioration Disasters in Water Dams 

      Al Addam, Mohamad; Sebaie, Yahya; Soutari, Mohamad; Al Chammah, Mohamad (2014-01-19)
      Water dams are systems with large destructive forces that can lead to a substantial amount of destruction. The poster describes the situation of the problem. In addition, it summarizes the major problems that cause dam ...
    • Smart Parking 

      Ali, Mohamed; Saleh, Rayyan; Answar, Mohammad; ElBaba, Dina (2014-01-19)
      It is not a secret that AUS suffers a serious parking problem that affects its students negatively. The parking spaces that AUS offers for students are no longer enough; therefore, AUS needs to expand its parking space to ...
    • Photovoltaic Nano-Crystal Energy Generation 

      Tounsy, Adham; Al-Khaldi, Mohammed; Peera, Meloni (2014-01-19)
      Since larger, more ecofriendly energy accumulation is needed to sustain the world’s current energy outflow, the objective of this report is to examine the efficiency and ecological healthiness of photovoltaic nanotechnology ...
    • Green Ships 

      AbdelAziz, Saud; Attia, Mohamed; Ahmed, Maaz; Islam, Mohamed (2014-01-19)
      Our EMPD topic discusses how wind turbines and solar panels can both be installed on ships, in order to conserve the fuel consumed and reduce the subsequent harmful emissions. The implantation of this solution leads to ...
    • Clean Coal Power Plants 

      AlShaikh, Abdullah; Kitana, Faisal; Ismail, Osama; Sun, Lu (2014-01-19)
      It talks about diversifying sources of energy in the Gulf region rather than depending on one or two sources (gas and fuel). We are planning to implement clean coal technology as another source of energy. This power plant ...
    • Light Emitting Concrete (LEC) 

      Mohammad, Fahad; Hannan, Hadia; Shaikh, Anza; Khan, Arham (2014-07-22)
      Currently, the world recognizes concrete as just a dull, grey building material. However, concrete has the potential to cater to different functions as well.
    • Centralizing EMRs Using a Cloud Platform in the UAE 

      Qassab, Abdullah; Nabil, Noura; AbdelLatif, Khader; Laban, Anas; Massarweh, Abdullah (2014-07-22)
      EMRs is the coming of age tech that revolutionized data storage and access to make it more efficient and less costly. Current ways of storing EMRs is by setting up servers that can handle vast amounts of information. The ...
    • Design of Airfoils for Wind Turbine Rotors 

      Alajmi, Jelowi; Alsayed, Tareq; Chakhachirou, Wasim; Alsayed, Yousef (2014-07-22)
      The turbine is a machine which converts rotational energy into usable work or usable energy. This change is initiated through mechanical gearing or because of electromagnetic induction, which results in electricity. There ...
    • Automated Traffic-Dependent Movable Barriers 

      Abrahim, Mina; Daker, Said; Touqan, Karim (2014-07-22)
      Congestion on highways has become a serious problem in recent years. It is due to the increase in population and the increasing number of cars per household. There is one car for every two residents in the United Arab ...
    • Public Transportation Buses Powered By Cooking Oil 

      Elkobrsly, Sherif; Aldiek, Mohammad; Alassadi, Abdulrahman; Khalifa, Mohamed; Zahed, Mohib (2014-07-22)
      Greenhouse gases are in a continuous rise and are destroying the environment and public transportation buses contribute dramatically and are in an interrupted increase. Moreover, the world trend has been moving towards a ...
    • Smart Parking in Big Malls in the UAE 

      Hassan, Mahitab Alaaeldin; Aqlan, Zinab; Mhd. Zahir, AbdulSamad; Baddawi, Bader (2014-07-22)
      It might be conceived that there is a shortage in the availability of parking lots due to the difficulties faced by visitors who try to locate a vacant parking spot. Furthermore, due to the shortage in energy supply and ...
    • Using Contact Lenses to Monitor Diabetes 

      Al-Walid, Hams; Gadalla, Dina; Zeid, Salma; Hattab, Odai (2014-07-22)
      Millions of diabetic patients have to frequently prick their fingers to track their glucose level. Using this common method, diabetic patients are more susceptible to infections and pain. Studies have shown that blood ...