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    • Alternating Direction Implicit Method for the Electro-Cardiology Models 

      Rammal, Zeinab (2017-05)
      Electrophysiology is an area of science that led to innovative experimentations between clinicians and scientists. Studying and understanding cardiac dynamics plays a key role in designing therapies, preoperative planning, ...
    • High Order Methods for Solving Cardiac Models 

      Alqasemi, Maryam (2020-05)
      Modeling of the heart became of great interest for both mathematicians and bioengineers over the past 25 years for the increasing impact of cardiovascular system problems in our every day lives. The bidomain model and its ...
    • Study of the Electromechanical Models for Cardiac Activity 

      Itani, Rana (2017-05)
      The mathematical modeling of the complex physical phenomena occurring in the heart is an area of increasing interest, as it facilitates the better understanding of relevant mechanisms driving the behavior of the system in ...