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    • Energy Management of a Multi-Source Power System 

      Salah, Omar Wasseem (2018-05)
      Many industries are heavily dependent on fossil fuels to carry out their daily operations. The transportation industry alone is responsible for consuming two thirds of the oil used around the world. As fossil fuel deposits ...
    • Minimizing The State Of Health Degradation Of Li-Ion Battery For Low Earth Orbit Satellites 

      Lami, Mahmoud Shareef (2018-04)
      Satellites have a tangible impact on our daily lives; they provide us with many services like communication, global positioning etc. Satellites may be sent to space for prolonged periods of time. There are several mission ...
    • Modeling Smartphone Power 

      Alawnah, Sameer Allan (2013-06)
      Battery technology has not advanced rapidly enough to keep pace with the growing energy demands of today's portable electronics. Leading this critical need for energy are smartphone devices which are being deployed and ...