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    • Through These Veins: Translation and Commentary 

      Kurrbassy, Vian F. (2017-01)
      This thesis investigates translation problems and strategies by carrying out an Arabic translation of a literary text taken from the novel Through These Veins, by Ann Marie Ruff, and by discussing the challenges and the ...
    • The Translation of Euphemism in Political Discourse 

      Althawabeyeh, Mohannad Mohammad (2017-05)
      Euphemism is a word or a stretch of words by which the writer/speaker intends to generate an expression or utterance that if said bluntly would make the receiver feel unpleasant and embarrassed. The purpose of this thesis ...
    • Translation of Metaphor in the Holy Quran 

      Elimam, Hani (2016-11)
      This thesis is about the translation of metaphor in the Holy Quran. It assesses the translation of metaphor in three English translations of the Quran, al-Hilali & Khan (2000), A. Ali (2001), and Y. Ali (2004). The different ...