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    • A Comprehensive Review on Membrane Fouling: Mathematical Modelling, Prediction, Diagnosis, and Mitigation 

      AlSawaftah, Nour Majdi; Abuwatfa, Waad Hussein; Darwish, Naif; Husseini, Ghaleb (MDPI, 2021)
      Membrane-based separation has gained increased popularity over the past few decades, particularly reverse osmosis (RO). A major impediment to the improved performance of membrane separation processes, in general, is membrane ...
    • Ultrasound‑triggered herceptin liposomes for breast cancer therapy 

      Elamir, Amal; Aysha Ajith, Saniha; AlSawaftah, Nour Majdi; Abuwatfa, Waad Hussein; Mukhopadhyay, Debasmita; Paul, Vinod; Al-Sayah, Mohammad; Awad, Nahid S.; Husseini, Ghaleb (Nature, 2021)
      The functionalization of liposomes with monoclonal antibodies is a potential strategy to increase the specificity of liposomes and reduce the side-effects associated with chemotherapeutic agents. The active targeting of ...