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    • Over-Pressure Suppresses Ultrasonic-Induced Drug Uptake 

      Stringham, S. Briant; Viskovska, Maria A.; Richardson, Eric S.; Ohmine, Seiga; Husseini, Ghaleb; Murray, Byron K.; Pitt, William G. (Elseviser, 2008)
      Ultrasound (US) is used to enhance and target delivery of drugs and genes to cancer tissues. The present study further examines the role of acoustic cavitation in US-induced permeabilization of cell membranes and subsequent ...
    • The role of cavitation in acoustically activated drug delivery 

      Husseini, Ghaleb; Diaz de la Rosa, Mario A.; Richardson, Eric S.; Christensen, Douglas A.; Pitt, William G. (Elsevier Science Direct, 2005)
      Pluronic P105 micelles are potential candidates as chemotherapy drug delivery vehicles using ultrasonic stimulation as a release trigger. Acoustic power has been previously shown to release two anthracycline agents from ...